Chapter 10 Present Past

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Premiere and Expiere

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WHAT?! That’s not how you spell “Expire”!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI can’t help it, I’m a poet, not a speller.

Regarding the contest: the race to get to 150 “Likes” on Facebook. Hmm…this is going to be trickier than I thought. Yessirree, I may have to rethink this. We’re up to 86 from 81, so there’s THAT – but it may take awhile to get to 150…I might need to lower my goal or sweeten the deal…but, hmm….you can’t get much sweeter than Chase’s Cherry Mash…









Ooh, look! The expiration date! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Looks like I have some time to ponder this thing further. Not near as long as I thought. Iowans must go through this stuff like gangbusters…bless ’em…(bless me too, for I am an Iowan now).

Tonight! The Premiere of Chapter 10 Present Past at midnight.

In the meantime, off I go to see if I can perhaps fluff the candies in the tea cup a little. Plus, I bought my Halloween candy for Trick-or-treaters yesterday. So much temptation…must resist…and I WILL!


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mathmagicI’ve worked and re-worked, and while I am clearly not a wizard at math, it does not compute! No, not if we want a good product – and we DO.

There is simply no way Hazel Twigg & the Hollyhock Hideaway can be completed in time to go to print this November. I know! I’m as disappointed as you are!

But thus goes the journey of a self-publishing enterprise as ambitious as this. ‘Tis a novel thing! ‘Tis uncharted territory! And you are here with me and along for the ride.


“Well, we could just have RUTH do all the drawings…”

Glass half full! No competing with the hustle and bustle of Christmas! And you can tell the legions of others when they finally have this first-of-the-series novel clutched in their hands, “Well, it was supposed to come out in November of ’13, but the artwork, etc., was nowhere close to being done! Ruth offered to do the illustrations herself, but trust me, I’ve seen her work…”

Good things come to those who wait.

And! Until then! We’ll have at least once a week chapter releases to entertain us, starting back up again tomorrow night at midnight, with…

Chapter 10 Present Past…