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While You Were Sleeping…

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It has been my observation that as a rule, Kewpies are not very talkative. In fact, they make very little noise at all. Perhaps it’s the way their mouths are painted. But THIS Kewpie was an exception.

Before, with the kissy lips.

In our entryway we have a large mirror. When the lost dolls first enter the hideaway they are of course very curious to see themselves. Wouldn’t you be after decades spent asleep? Well! The minute this fellow looked in the mirror he shrieked and started vigorously rubbing his starfish hands across his mouth. He then quickly removed the cute crochet outfit with the pink pow he’d arrived in and kicked it off to one side, grabbing a stray sock on the floor and hastily tying it around his chubby waist.

“What on earth is wrong?!” I asked.

“I’m not a girl!” he said. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” he added sheepishly, upon viewing all the solely female faces around him. 

I laughed and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll soon have you put to rights. I’ve been waiting for you…”

Thus begins the description for Hazel Twigg O.L.D. (Once-Loved Doll) No. 125 Eddy, also known as “Mr. C.” to his students. You can see his adoption page HERE. Eddy is a composition Kewpie doll.

There’s no telling what can happen to a doll once it’s little human has outgrown childhood and the doll falls into a deep sleep. Some well-meaning grandmother might take it upon herself to redo said doll’s face and crochet a little outfit for them. Well, he’s awake now and back to “himself.”

Eddy is based on one of the best men I know. He’s married to my sister Carol’s daughter Rhiannon. My Nephew-in-law…? And definitely a welcome addition to our family. It’s one thing to excel when your childhood is perfect. Quite another to become an exceptional funny, kind and hard-working human being when you face challenges early in life, as our Eddy did. He’s a great dad, husband, nephew, teacher, and friend. And now he’s a great principal. Who better to dedicate an O.L.D. to?

Eddy is No. 4 in the “Daily Heroes” series.

It occurs to me that it takes a village sometimes to put these O.L.D. dolls together. I wish I could remember who gave me the little baggie of teacher pins that inspired me to one day do a teacher. Because basically there’s no real “costume” for a teacher, a teacher is pretty much a neatly dressed human being that does great things. The pins would be just the thing to define this particular doll as a Teacher.

Thank you to whoever gave me these pins! Whomever? Perhaps I need to go back to school.

For the books I used little old savings account booklets from our local bank after it was sold and they became obsolete. Old stock was brought up from the basement. Savings books, pens, pencils…

The pencils were made from dowels that my wee sister Julie gave me when I didn’t have any in just the right size.

I grabbed some of each, but thought, “Well, I guess I could do a banker maybe?” Never realizing that these nifty little old books were the perfect size for dolls! And that if you find images you like and have a great friend named Jennifer T. with an fancy printer, you could paint said books, decoupage the little nifty prints on them, and voila! You have a doll-sized book of any kind that you can imagine. Why, oh WHY didn’t I grab more?!

The Hideaway. Where clothes come to DIE. Mwahaha!

My neighbor CC gives me old clothes she no longer wants that are made up of great fabric. A faux suede jacket she recently gave me made up the buttons and collar of Eddy’s jacket.

Not knowing exactly where to put those pins on our dear teacher, I was going to make some kind of sash. It was my mother that suggested I put them on the strap of the satchel when I told her I was planning on making one. I was going to base the satchel on my dad’s old briefcase, the one with a hard front and back and curved top and the accordion sides and bottom.

Principal Eddy C. Good guy!

“Why don’t you just put the pins on the strap?” my mom suggested helpfully.

Of course! Why didn’t I think of that? I made the strap a little wider to accommodate said pins. Thanks, Mom!

And a big “Thank You” to all the teachers and principals out there, especially at this time of year!

Recently a dear friend-I’ve-never-met (yet!) sent me a picture of all her Hazel Twigg dolls standing side by side together.

So fun to see O.L.D. faces again. Feel free to send pictures of your Hazel Twigg doll in her new natural habitat, whether it’s one or many!

That same friend, we shall call her Janey J. of Oakland, California for that is her name, now has another Hazel Twigg joining her. Flossie the Summer Drummer is already there and has been welcomed by many open arms. Thank you, dear Janey!

And with that, I leave you! Happy Back-to-School season, you’re my favorite! You are my village.

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

1Lugal3Hazel Twigg No. 75 is finally up! You can see her adoption page HERE.

“Who’s THAT!” our newest arrival cried, upon seeing herself in the mirror.

Mind you, when O.L.D.’s (Once-Loved Dolls) arrive at the Hideaway, they’re just awakening after years, sometimes decades, of being dormant. Still, most girls recognized themselves, even after all the time that had passed.

“That’s YOU, silly!” Dot laughingly teased.

“What’s happened to my hair?!” 



Lucy – that was our newest arrival’s name – gazed at her reflection intently, and as she did, she twitched her head, causing her new acrylic curls to bounce, which they did almost eagerly, with the slightest movement.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s just love, is what it is.” Hazel, Dot and little Lucy looked at me quizzically. “Sometimes mohair and human hair wigs get worn and thin with the passage of time. They’re not quite as nice as they used to be when you first came out of the factory,” I explained. “Now, I myself prefer an original wig, no matter how worn it is! But other people might not. So they gave you something new.”


Usually an inspiration photo is just that: for inspiration. I confess, I liked this one so much, I copied it as closely as possible, right down to the dog.

Lucy’s hands flew up to her new wig, as if to hide it. As if she were the teensiest bit embarrassed. I reached over and took her hands in mine and lowered them. “There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and I would never speak ill of whomever made this change to you. Remember what I said? It was done with LOVE.”

Lucy smiled up at me, her attention returning back to the mirror as she waggled her head almost joyfully.

A Teddy Lucy

My very much loved dog, Teddy Bear. Lucy’s dog is named Teddy Bear too!

“Not so fast!” I said. “You’ve got a big day coming.” I gathered her in my arms, took her into my sewing room and plopped her into a dressing chair. My next words were spoken so that only I could hear them as I rummaged in my closet through my worn out stash of wigs. “And there’s no way I’m letting you into a classroom with that hair!”

Thus begins Lucy’s adoption page. Lucy is our Back-to-School girl! And what does a Back-to-School girl need? SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Which for me, until I discovered boys and theater, was the best part of going back to school.

With the help of my dear friend Jennifer Trenary, we made sure Lucy’s satchel was well filled:

1Luss1LucoatcJennifer patiently printed the crayon box and flash cards. “Bigger!” I cried. “No, smaller!” I continued. “Um, maybe just a tiny bit larger?”

She was wonderful, and had the patience of a saint. A SAINT, I tell you! Thank you, Jennifer!

I sharpened dowels for the crayons and the pencils. The pencils look real, don’t they? I was pleased with how they turned out. Filling Lucy’s satchel was a lot of fun.

So now our little Lucy is ready for school, as are little boys and girls everywhere. It truly is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Witness:

1LucoatpLOVE that Staples commercial! That and the one with Alice Cooper are the BEST.

Many moons ago, Hazel Twigg No. 74 GLORY was adopted in a heart-stopping battle by…Michelle E. of Hudson, Colorado! Thank you, Michelle! And a huge thank you to all who bid. That was heart-stopping, slightly scary wonderfulness.

And with that, I leave you! Happy Wednesday, you’re my favorite!

The Theme for No. 76 has been decided. How do you justify wearing white after Labor Day..? You’ll see!