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If At “FIRST” You Don’t Succeed…

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dr-evilCarol Jane did not find a new home her first time around, and I take full blame. I’d decided to go all rogue and pick my own starting price, foolishly forgetting that it takes time to build up a reputation. It had taken time as Magic_Elizabeth! Sometimes my dolls went for a song. Towards the end I had several faithful followers and I was lucky enough to have my dolls sometimes go for $200 to $300 and even up to $500! However, It Takes TIME.

So, here she is using a very different strategy! CAROL JANE.

As my dear brother said in his excellent post on Saturday entitled Timestoppers Among Us: “you might be able to adopt O.L.D. No. 1 for $10. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe makes a good point. That is the idea here, to have the dolls adopted, not just sold. That is the most important thing!

We hope to build and build and build, which ironically means that the FIRST dolls will go for the least! What a fun conundrum! TAKE THAT LEAP.

If not with Carol Jane, than with Emily Grace (coming soon) or the other dolls close behind her. During the summer I will always have at least one doll available for adoption at all times, and they will all start at $9.99. Some may go for a little, some may go for a lot, some may take several tries to go at all. You never know!

But each and every doll that comes to my door Shall Be Refurbished and put up for adoption until she finds the right home!

That is the commitment I made to the Hazel Twigg Partnership at our meeting last Friday and I am Holder Ruth and I do keep my word. I will post each new adoptee here.


Who knows? One of them may even be meant for you!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Happy Monday! You’re my favorite.

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