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Here’s A Resolution You Can KEEP

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She was already pretty when she arrived, just a little filthy. Heaven knows where she’s been! Her wig turned noticeably brighter after it was cleaned.

Once again we have that chance to start anew. To make goals, and do our very best to achieve them. Here is a girl to represent those lofty aspirations…

Thus begins the description of O.L.D. (Once-Loved Doll) No. 99. Ninety-Nine! The LAST of the double digit O.L.D.s! Her name is RESOLUTION. You can see her adoption page HERE.

Several months ago my dear friend Brenda posted a picture on my Facebook page of some dolls she thought were cute. I LOVED them! One of them even had one of my favorite things: A pointy hat. YESS!

I kept trying to get a doll based on that image into the mix, but other things and themes came up. I’m kind of glad now. Being No. 99 seems a very good place for her.















I of course have to work with the materials I have on hand, so it’s not an *exact* copy. “Do the dress from the one on the right, and the hat from the one on the left!” my little sister cried. I of course listened to her, as I always do.

Resolution, or “Lucy,” as she likes to be called, is a 21″ Arranbee Nanette. I think this particular mold is the prettiest of all the compositions. TELL NO ONE. I’ve used it previously, although these may look a little different to you. Sometimes the smaller sizes are slightly different, or it can be amazing what a difference hair and eye color can make:

No. 43 Claire from “Outlander.”

No. 80 Geena from “A League of Their Own.”

No. 70 Claire II from “Outlander” (Season 2).


And of course, our Resolution needed some “street clothes” as well.

The brooch on her coat was discovered tucked away in the treadle sewing machine found in the house behind me that I purchased. That house had all kinds of treasures in it!

You can’t really see them, but besides the brooch, the coat also sports Victorian-era jet black glass buttons. Here’s a better view;

There’s a larger, faceted jet button on Lucy’s hat.

These buttons are treasures in themselves. The back loops are brass. You can tell the buttons are glass by tapping them against your teeth. Always a good time…

It’s taken me nearly four years to get from 1 – 99. I need to work so much faster! I have so many ideas just brimming over in my brain. So many dolls clamoring for their turn.

Which brings us back to Clara, who was adopted by…Linda L. of Portola Valley. Thank you again, Linda! That’s number FIVE.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! There are SO MANY things I want to accomplish. I have a feeling, and I’ll say it now, 2018 is going to be my year! I shall share it with you.

Know why? Because you’re my favorite.

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A rare preview of the next doll. I believe she was made by Kestner, “The King of Dollmakers.” She has pierced ears and sleep eyes and is under 12″ tall.

So there I was, happily working away on the next O.L.D. several days ago. I had been working on her for over a week, had planned on putting her up for adoption this very evening. There was still much to do. She is small, which is good, because the piece of old green velvet I was using for her cloak was very small too.

I was holding the freshly cut cape up to this delightful girl, already dressed in her (stunning!) new outfit, when “Plop!” something fell into my lap. My heart sank. I don’t know how, but I wasn’t one bit mystified. I knew EXACTLY what it was. And I was right! Even worse, it was worser than I thought!

It was her lower leg. And it hadn’t just dislocated itself, it had broken off completely at the knee!

Reader, I have worked on hundreds of dolls. This current doll is O.L.D. No. 81, but I’ve been toiling over dolls long before Hazel Twigg. That said, this doll is something new. A type that I have never, ever restrung or repaired.

fainting-victorian-lady1If this were Victorian times, I would have had the vapors. As it was, it took me two days – days in which I worked on other aspects of this doll’s story – to get up the gumption to repair her.

During this time, there was a lot of back and forth with a dear friend who has restrung this kind of doll, and who held my hand during this whole ordeal. When I finally tackled it, it was a lot harder than I thought; the stringing elastic from the body meets the hook from the lower knee halfway up through the thigh. The tunnel running through the thigh is smaller than a pencil. I had to make a special hook to get up there to pull the elastic down, at the same time, grasping the end of the leg hook with needle nose pliers and blindly fishing up that tiny tunnel as I pulled, hoping to get lucky. Not only that, this doll is old and all this pulling causes EXTREME pressure, especially on her fragile head!


Here she is pre-repair. Her knee has been reglued, but I hadn’t restrung her yet. Gulp.

I finally managed to get her back together, but the whole thing shook me a little. As I wrote to my friend, “Brenda” we shall call her, for that is her name, it was like “trying to defuse a bomb with a nitroglycerin switch.”

“Nobody will care about the knee!!!!” she helpfully responded. THIS is why I love her. She figuratively slaps me from afar (we’ve never actually met) when I get virtually hysterical.

This next O.L.D. will finally make her debut this Sunday. I don’t know her name yet, as luckily she’s been dormant this entire time, and doesn’t know the maladies that have befallen her. Thanks to this tragedy of errors, she is the only Hazel Twigg doll that will be available to arrive before Christmas. My bill collectors are THRILLED.

1ggalcomb1In the meantime, O.L.D. No. 80 slipped through the cracks! She quietly went up for adoption with nary a mention here! So without further ado:

A miracle occurred! The Cubs won! I may be a little late to the party, but I wanted to do a baseball girl…

Her name is Geena. She’s a small version of Arranbee’s Nanette, a mold I’ve used before, most notably on the Outlander dolls. Her clothing was based on the Geena Davis character from A League of Their Own.

Geena’s hat was made from red wool, I sewed red and blue thread stripes to create her baseball outfit fabric, and her pitcher’s gear was all made from leather.


In addition, she has street clothes. Life is not made up of baseball alone!

Geena was adopted by…..Carmen Z. of Toledo, Ohio. A new face! Thank you, Carmen!

And with that, I leave you! Happy BEST time of the year and I hope your Thanksgiving was delightful, as mine was. You’re my favorite!