Squirrel Envy

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As we wait for those of you who are reading the next chapter, No. 16 The Class With No Name, I shall regale you with something that possibly some of you can’t relate to: Squirrel Envy. Most don’t like those pesky thievers of sweet bird’s food.

But I confess, I always feel just the slightest bit of envy when I look elsewhere to the neighboring trees of my neighbors, which I can easily see especially now that trees are leafless, and I see THIS:

squirrel-nestsAnd then I look to my trees, when I make my own suet, fer cryin’ out loud and hand squeeze it into little lumps amongst the branches! And faithfully put out birdseed every day, and I see THIS:


So it was very gratifying the other day when I lifted mine eyes to the heavens, otherwise known as mine own trees, and I saw (cue Heavenly Chorus) THIS:Squirrela1FINALLY! FINALLY! Mine, all MINE!! Thank you, oh squirrels, I feel honored and blessed! And seven years later, well. It’s about TIME.

Tomorrow! About Chapter 16. Secretly, I woke up in a panic when I realized that not only have we not gotten sketches from Nina for Chapter 17, I haven’t even sketched them myself yet! ACK. So much to do! So little Time! And those little leather shoes and romper that are the finishing touches for the doll I’m working on now aren’t going to make themselves!

Perhaps I can train those squirrels…

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