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scisspartsTo be alive, or not to be alive? That is The Question. When it came to the part where Hazel and Ruth would start helping lost dolls, refurbishing them so that they can be loved again, how to handle that part of it? Should they go dormant while they were being worked upon? Wouldn’t it be a little odd to have a talking head?

From Chapter 29 Pinky’s Repair:

“This won’t hurt a bit,” Ruth said as she picked up what looked to Hazel like a very sharp and deadly pair of scissors. “I need you to firmly pull Pinky’s arm out away from her body,” Ruth softly explained to Hazel.


Scarecrow is still alive and talking, even though he’s in parts!

“Wait!” cried Hazel. “How do you know it won’t hurt?”

Ruth smiled at her. “Because everything I’m about to do here, I learned to do on Elizabeth. And Elizabeth’s just fine. Aren’t you, Elizabeth?”

Hazel looked warily at Elizabeth, who nodded.

“Now, I need you to firmly pull Pinky’s arm out away from her body,” Ruth repeated.

Could you go to jail for doll murder? But Elizabeth smiled at her reassuringly, and she didn’t look scared, so Hazel took a deep breath and did as she was told.


scissoz1aI really, really thought about this. I wanted to avoid that whole part of the story altogether and just perhaps neaten their hair and have new outfits made for them, but my brothers insisted. So I wrote the chapter a little tongue in cheek. And they liked it! So we kept it.

Pinky lives and is aware during the whole thing. I can thank Mr. L. Frank Baum for that. The Oz books are my earliest influence. I loved them all and have read and re-read every one that I’ve been able to get my hands on! In Oz, magical creatures live even when they’re in parts. And secretly, I still talk to these girls when I’m working on them. If it’s good enough for the creator of Oz, it’s good enough for me!

Happy Friday Eve Day!

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