Romancing the SNOW

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snow5I love snow. I always have, even before I knew what it was really like.

The first snow I saw, when I was about 10 or so, was a surprise. “Ah-HAH!” I said to myself. “It’s NOT little balls like it looks in those ‘Peanut’ comic strips…”

It’s FLAKES. Lovely, fragile flakes.

snow1Snow is The Great Equalizer. Rich or poor, you have to bundle out before going into it for any length of time.

For me it causes Snow Envy: I get it when other places get more snow than us.

snow2It’s also made my Bucket List: Before I die, I want to do as they did in “Little House on the Prairie” and take hot maple syrup (ideally, I would tap it from my very own maple tree, but I don’t have one, darn-the-luck) and pour it into clean snow (this part is very important) and make candy.

snow6I shall use Log Cabin syrup or some such thing instead.

Some day.

I love the way it glitters in the moonlight.

I love it when it snows SO much, that I miss the sight of grass because I haven’t seen it for months on end. I secretly wish I could move Iowa up farther north. But here Iowa is, so here I shall stay.

Of course, driving in it…now, there’s another story…

Chapter 19 Cheerleader Tower is up!


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