Ride A Painted Pony

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPoor Rory. Here she is, arriving at the Hideaway after having been dormant and asleep for so long, and what do we do? We put her back to sleep again! This time it’s just make believe, thank goodness. Rory is the 2nd in the Halloween series, and she is Sleeping Beauty.


Rory is a somewhat rare Knickerbocker composition doll. Their most famous doll was Snow White. I can only guess that maybe Rory was originally….SLEEPING BEAUTY. Turns out, you CAN go “home” again!

She arrived filthy with her skinny braids hanging on by a few strands of mohair. I tried to save her wig, truly I did! But what I ended up with was an unfortunate mess of miss-matched colors that even I could not accept. So I found a “new” human hair wig for her in my stash.

At one point in her life, Rory was broken completely in half. Someone lovingly glued her back together and she remains sturdy after all these years.


You can see the glued crack. It goes all the way around the front of her, too.

I’ll tell you a secret: originally, Rory was going to be dressed up as Rapunzel. I had braided together three thick, long strands of mohair with silk ribbons and sewn it directly into her hat. The braid trailed all the way past her toes!

However! I’m all about the “stupor of thought” thing. If you try and try and something’s just not working out, it’s time to try a different direction. I couldn’t decide what to do with her “regular” hair when she had her Halloween costume on. Hide it? But it was so pretty! Plus, what to put in her goody bag? Enter Sleeping Beauty. Suddenly, everything became clear! The stupor was gone. I plucked that mohair braid out of her hat and never looked back.

Brief refresher: Sleeping Beauty is a princess. When she was born, the king and queen gave her a lavish christening and they invited all the fairies in the land. All except ONE. The snubbed fairy cursed the new baby that she would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. A good fairy changed the curse so that Sleeping Beauty would only sleep for a hundred years…


Rory’s goody bag is reversible. This is the side not shown on her adoption page. Look at that sewing kit! Complete with NEEDLE, of course! Isn’t it cute?


Here’s the lace from Rory’s pantaloons. Do you see what I see? SPINNING WHEELS! Kinda. I like little things like that…

Into her goody bag I put…wait for it…CHOCOLATE KISSES!!! Because the prince wakes her with a kiss! RORY is SMART and HELD OUT FOR FIVE! I also gave her a tiny sewing kit and it was a pang to give it to her because it was intended to go into a dollhouse sewing room. But she looked up at me with those liquid tin eyes and I had to give in.

Rory has a pointy hat! Apparently, I can only go so long without doing one.











And now sweet Rory is ready and up for adoption. You can see her page HERE.


Rory in her more casual, “Skipping through the woods” outfit.

In the meantime, Patty was adopted by…..Michelle E. of Colorado! Her mother’s name happened to be “Patty” too and they even resembled each other a little bit. It was meant to be! That’s O.L.D. number FIVE for Michelle! Thank you!

Meanwhile, Lois, another O.L.D. multiple adopter dropped by our little town of Rolfe for a visit. An excellent time was had by all. There was even a round of golf at the Rolfe Golf course! And a bonfire and cheesecake. But there wasn’t a visit to the sewing room! HAH! It was lovely to meet the very friendly Lois and her excellent husband Warren. The FIRST visitors to the Hideaway!

And with that, I close. Happy Tuesday! You’re my favorite.

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  1. Jane Agle says:

    Do you have a guest book for all the visitors that will follow?