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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMeet Mabel! O.L.D. No. 29 and future haunted doll. You can see her adoption page HERE.

Now, no worries! Mabel’s not haunted *yet,* but when she is, she shall be haunted by ME. I shall be a friendly ghost, and help you find lost keys and things. But haunt her, I will….


This is the only picture I could find of that afghan. It’s draped around Debra Winger as her character is sick in bed. I was entranced.

I think one of the hardest things to do is to finish a project that you started long ago, experienced a snafu with, and then put away. Such is certainly the case with me.

For example, the movie 1993 movie about C.S. Lewis entitled Shadowlands,  starring Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger. I loved that movie! In it there was a granny square afghan that I simply had to have. So I decided to make it. And as always, I decided to wing it.


I’m beginning to think I’ll never, ever finish this afghan.

Some “wings” work better than others. I didn’t fully study the afghan and although I managed to find all natural yarns, just the way I wanted, they were of different thicknesses. Plus, I only used two colors per square vs. three. So this pretty fruited tin with the half finished granny square afghan has been following me from house to house – in five different states – for over two decades. Some day I’ll finish it! Or not.


This was after I re-sanded my first attempt. Previously, there would have been a dark colored path of the material beneath her “skin” going down the right side of her face.

Such was the case with Mabel! I don’t have any BEFORE/before photos, but she was missing a strip of “skin” from the inner part of her right eye down to her mouth. I loved her face so much I didn’t care! I confidently filled it in, painted it and….oh, dear. Not quite right. Not only that, her leg was badly crushed! So she was put away in a cupboard.


It occurs to me that I should have changed my background color…whoops! The inspiration was the coat on the left from an old 1925-26 catalog.

There’s a reason the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and a reason that some projects are never re-tackled. Not that I regret re-tackling Mabel. But let this be a lesson to me! If you start a project, finish it! At least I did this time! Even in the face of several challenges.


Here’s the paper doll that inspired Mabel’s cute dress.

Her coat was tricky and the fabric that I used for it might very well already be haunted. I purchased it on a recent trip to a thrift store and it behaves very strangely. I’ve sewn and re-sewn it several times! I know I’ve HAND-SEWN that hem four times at least! I’m still not completely happy with it, but it’s cozy all the same. And the hat you see her wearing is her second hat. The first was too big and sat on her head like a pancake.


Detail of flowerpot pocket.

Mabel is the second doll to receive a legolectomy. The replacement legs weren’t bad. Oh, one had a little chipping, but no big deal. NOT! I filled in the leg and set it on a radiator to dry, and in the morning it was chipped even further! I have never had that happen before! If I hadn’t skipped the previous week due to a very unfortunate Super Bowl (unless you were going for the Patriots, which I was not), I would have put Mabel back in her cupboard, sweet face and all.

However! She turned out cute. And she is DONE. Maybe now I”ll move one step closer to heaven….

Also! DOES ANYBODY BUT ME REMEMBER THIS SONG? I can’t even find the version I remember hearing on the radio! Even in this land of internet in which we live! It holds a fond place in my heart (I used to insert a boy’s name that I had a crush on for “Mabel’s” name) and has of course been on my mind all week:


Lastly! Britney and Rochester have long since galloped their way to….Colorado! Michelle E. strikes again! Thank you, Michelle!

And with that, I leave you. Happy Wednesday, you’re my favorite!

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