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PROOF-First-Release DAIf you are reading or have read Hazel Twigg & the Hollyhock Hideaway, we welcome your comments here.

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Sandra Benteler Sandra Benteler from Roosevelt, Utah wrote on March 26, 2016:
This is a wonderful book that should be shared... perhaps between a mother and daughter, or even a grandmother. The book is sweet and very amusing, but it also reveals an acute awareness that we need to put up a fight with the modern world as it conflicts with our children's imagination and play time. "Dolls like Elizabeth and Pinky represent little girls and a more innocent time. I think we need that now more than ever." writes Ruth. I couldn't agree more!!! I also loved the villain , and the final scene with the bat idea. I could just see her thrusting out that jar....and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face!
Julie Julie from New Hampton, Iowa wrote on January 11, 2016:
Ruth, I just finished reading Hazel Twigg. Couldn't put it down. Plan to share with one of my students.
Clara Clara from Omaha wrote on January 11, 2016:
What a fun story! It was magical. I could just imagine the dolls coming to life--similar to The Book of Live Dolls, my favorite book when I would young. Nina Khalova's illustrations are beautiful and fun. The only "Rolfe" thing I recognized was the pork tenderloins at the Giddyup cafe.
Clara Clara from Omaha wrote on December 31, 2015:
I loved this story. I was caught up in the plot and fascinated by the "live" dolls, which reminded me so much of my favorite childhood book, The Book of Live Dolls, which I haven't read for at least 60 years. (Maybe I should reread it.) Hazel Twigg & the Hollyhock Hideway was fun. I enjoyed reading about doll restoration. The illustrations are wonderful. I thought Hazel resembled Ruth. The only "Rolfe" things I recognized were the tenderloin sandwiches, the Giddyup and the local TV channel--and THE HOUSE.
Peggy Peggy from Rolfe wrote on November 24, 2015:
The descriptions–made the book come alive. All the many illustrations–and in color, too The humor throughout the book. You even named one of the bats! Was a fun book to read. Now I have to and wait for the next book……
Dennis Agle Dennis Agle from Springville wrote on November 12, 2015:
Love love it!