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Rolfe Slumbers

As all of Rolfe recovers from a very successful and wonderful Greater Rolfe Days (not that I got to attend many of the festivities, but I could sense the energy wafting through the town and seeping into my fairy bower), I find that I must recover too.

New people! Do not assume I am a namby pamby! I simply am still recovering from surgery. Oh, sure, as I walked along the parade route pre-parade, etc., I TRIED to wince in a way that people might ask, “Hey, lady! Do you have any staples and scars you might wish to show us? You haven’t had any surgery requiring OVER TWO HUNDRED STITCHES lately, have you?”

But nobody did. Clearly, I shall have to recover and go another route.

In the meantime, for anyone who happens to stop by as a result of the flyers my gang handed out, hope you’ll stop by again! Might I suggest a sample post or two? You might enjoy “Cat Lady of Reliance” or perhaps “Living in Abject Brave.”

And tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow…I shall be back!


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8 Commentsto R-R-ARRGHHHH!!

  1. carmella schultes says:

    The flyers were fabulous and I am bringing mine by to get it signed and dated! Someday my grandkids will take it to the antiques road show and when the original sig of Ruth Agle on her original flyer is valued they will be able to retire! (That is my sincere hope!)

    • Ruth says:

      Hee! YES! That shall make your first edition “Hazel Twigg & the Hollyhock Hideaway” even MORE valuable! The Antique Roadshow appraisers shall be apoplectic and besides themselves with excitement!

  2. Michele Hermansen says:

    Yay, Ruth rests! (Taking it easy is NOT overrated.). You will be back to full strength even sooner.

  3. Mona says:

    Aw shucks. I missed all the fun and apparently the cool flier. (makes sad face) But then again my reluctance to enter large crowds means this happens a lot.

    Love your cork board chickie.

    • Ruth says:

      No worries, Mona! I have some left! Before all this happened, there was a plan to do much more at Greater Rolfe Days, some of which would have involved YOU, but then the whole rupture thing occurred, and…

      We’ll catch each other soon!