Purple Reign

PENELOPE in her purple corduroy.

Have you ever encountered something that you didn’t like at all, only to later become obsessed with it? That happened to me with cantaloupe. It also happened with this wide-wale vintage purple corduroy. I have no idea where I got it, but when I reorganized my fabrics, I stuck it away all by it’s lonesome in a glass-fronted cabinet. It was the Rudolph of my fabrics on the island of misfit toys!

I would occasionally glance at it as I passed by…It actually was quite a pretty shade…Really, not so ugly as I thought…OOH! I MUST use this! But then doll after doll would appear on my doorstep, and none of them would have it! I’d actually given up using it altogether. Enter Penelope. I hadn’t even bothered to offer. I was learning more about her when I saw her looking over my shoulder. I could tell she was no longer listening to a word I said. SQUEE!! I saw what she was looking at! HOORAY!



Thus begins the adoption page for our own Penelope, a 21″ Petite composition doll.  You can see her adoption page HERE.

A lot of things come to mind when I think about purple, and lately I’ve been thinking about it a LOT.

First of  course is my childhood crush, Donny Osmond. All the Osmond brothers wore different colors, and his was purple. His was the first concert I went to, and when he visited our side of the island, I was less than 10 feet from him at the Polynesian Cultural Center! I’m sure he could feel the magic emanating from my eyes. He still didn’t ask me to marry him. Yes, I’m as shocked as you are. MORE.



Another purple thing for me is Penelope Pitstop from the cartoon series, “Wacky Races.” Turns out there were only 17 episodes made, but it somehow stuck with me all this time.


*Not actually Julie’s bedroom, but you get the idea.

My own wee sister Julie went through a purple phase. Her bedroom at the time was painted purple and there were purple touches throughout. She also had a border of pretty vintage hats that rang ’round the room. Julie has such a good eye.

Once we went shopping and she found two rugs on sale that she wanted for the sides of her bed. “That’s not the same shade of purple!” I protested. Against my better judgement, she got them anyway. HMPF!

To my surprise, the contrast of different shades was STUNNING. I learned a valuable less that day: things don’t always need to matchy-matchy. I use that lesson often.


Purple is not everybody’s cup of tea, and it’s not an easy color to pull off. But when I saw our Penelope’s warm brown eyes, I knew she could do it. So I gave her purple. Purple everything. I released my pent up purple beast! I even added some purple silk ribbon to her bloomers. Her nightgown with the pale lavender hem was made from a pretty hand sewn and embroidered pillowcase. I had so much fun working with her and looking for Things With Purple to use for her.

Chloe was adopted by…Michelle E. of Kentucky! Just kidding. Colorado. Thank you, Michelle!

And with that, I leave you! Peace, Love and Donny Osmond, you’re my favorite!


8 Commentsto Purple Reign

  1. Libby Boyce says:

    Donny doesn’t know what he’s missing.

    • Ruth says:

      I COULD HAVE BEEN A CONTENDER!! Mrs. Donny Osmond…I wrote a song about us and everything…

      Good times, good times! Thank you, Libby!

  2. Cindy says:

    Nice job as usual Ruth! Always love reading where you find your materials you use and how you make different things.

  3. Jenn says:

    Purple Reign – LOVE IT! You are so clever! She’s beautiful. Being a purple girl myself, I may have to put my bid in on this one!

    • Ruth says:

      Jennifer! I thought you might be (a purple girl). I even thought of you while I was working on her. You have the same warm, brown eyes – perfect for purple wearing!

  4. Sue Ann says:

    Greetings Ruth er Mrs. Osmond! Gees how could Donny not fall for that gorgeous blonde in the front row? Your picture from the house in Hawaii, you are beautiful now & then! Loved the purple, this one, like ALL the others is a winner too! Still kicking myself for not bidding on the past flyer (Amelia Earhart) ones! Oh and the skater (My Kingdom for that skate) was a beauty too! Just got to see the Hunger games (Katniss was a winner!) Gees I’ve been so behind lately! Favorite to me! Sue Ann

    • Ruth says:

      Actually, I was waaaay in the back at the concert. I remember seeing a sea of dark brown hair. I know what it is to be a minority!

      Glad you got to see Hunger Games! I love all my girls, but this purple Penelope is a favorite to me.

      As are YOU!

      Thanks so much!