Premiere? Um…..

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Hmm! Apparently, someone (that would be me) only THOUGHT she hit “send” on an email last weekend. It was some kind of Twilight Zone moment! I guess we’ll find out if Chapter 12 The Wakening premieres at midnight tonight or not. If it does, it may have a pencil sketch in place of an illustration.

Don’t worry! It won’t be my little stick figures, it’ll be Nina’s lovely lines, but an uncolored sketch all the same…I sent an email out this morning to my siblings to see if we could go to “print” anyway, and I’m waiting for a consensus decision. And this time I made SURE I hit “Send.”

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4 Commentsto Premiere? Um…..

  1. carmella schultes says:

    I vote print. I am saving my read for the final product. The flow of reading it on line gets disrupted with the ebb and flow of my schedule. Print, print print already!! (But I will be patient, really.)

    • Ruth says:

      Aw, thank you Carmella! Yep, sadly because of all that’s left to be done, the ACTUAL printed version of the tangible book won’t be out until Spring. This is just for the online release of the next chapter.

      Secretly, I’m with you. It would be hard to read it in bits and pieces, especially since there are so many character stories woven together.

      It’s all a process!


  2. Dennis Agle says:

    Best of luck any way it goes.
    Love, Dad