PATTY, Queen of the EGGPLANT

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMeet Patty! Doll No. 14 in the Hazel Twigg series and KISMET to boot! Lately I’ve had a vegetable fairy in my life who brings me lovely produce from her garden (my thumb is black). Her name is Patty, and she recently brought me several eggplants. She doesn’t eat them herself, she simply grows them because they are beautiful…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThus begins my description for O.L.D. (Once-Loved Doll) No. 14, Patty. Now, I love Iowa and Iowans as much as the next person. MORE. But one thing I’ve noticed is that Iowans are Very Practical People. That doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate beauty, and simple pleasures for pleasure’s sake, but practicality seems to be their driving force.

So when this local fairy whose last name rhymes with Trenary presented me with yet another batch of gorgeous produce that included eggplants grown simply for the pleasure of gazing upon them, and when this poor little lost girl arrived on my doorstep, and her name happened to be Patty too, I had to pay homage.


Here’s Patty’s tag. You can read it right through that darn material!

I picked out the only fabric I had on hand in that particular eggplant shade for her dress. The fiddliest fabric imaginable! So sheer, somewhat fragile, and very vintage. When I saw it at “*Crazy Lady’s Store,” I had to have it, although I couldn’t imagine where I’d ever use it. THIS is why you follow your instincts and grab things when they call out to you!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt took three layers of this sheer fabric keep O.L.D. Patty decent. But it set off her brown eyes to perfection and I’ve completed her outfit with my sanity fairly intact.


You can see Patty’s adoption page HERE.

Speaking of eggplant, here’s a recipe that Julie, aka The Mayor, swears by:Back

Yves Saint Laurent- The Retrospective curated by Florence Muller,Pierre BergeEggplant, Easy, Good & Tasty from allrecipes:

1 tablespoon olive oil                  1 cup dry bread crumbs

1/3 large eggplant                       1 tomato, chopped

1 egg                                         1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 tablespoon water                     1/4 cup Italian-style salad dressing


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Grease a baking sheet or pizza pan with olive oil.
  2. Slice the eggplant into 8 round slices, each 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Trim the skin, maintaining the round shape of the slices. In a small bowl, whip together the egg and water. Place the breadcrumbs in a separate small bowl.
  3. Dip the eggplant slices one at a time into the egg and water mixture, then into the breadcrumbs. One by one, place the coated slices in a single layer on the prepared baking sheet or pizza pan. Top the slices with equal amounts of tomato, Parmesan cheese and Italian-style salad dressing.
  4. Bake in the preheated oven approximately 15 minutes. Change oven setting to broil, and continue cooking 3 to 5 minutes. Check the slices frequently while broiling to avoid burning.

YUM. Of course, if local Patty sees this and likes it, I may never receive an eggplant again…THANK YOU, PATTY! One of the many wonderful fairies that seem to reside right here in our little town.

Cassandra was adopted by the once again LOVELY Michelle E. of Colorado. Corner on the market! Michelle is now the mother of FOUR O.L.D.s. And speaking of adopters, the First Pilgrimage to the Hideaway is afoot! The ALSO LOVELY Lois S. of New Hampshire, second only to Michelle in number of adoptions at three, will be coming to visit Rolfe this weekend on her way to Colorado. Coincidence? I think not!

Lois wants to see my sewing room. Heh. Even the voices in my head are chuckling at that one…

Happy Monday! You’re my favorite!

*Said with complete affection.

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