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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow, this isn’t even Angel’s – aka O.L.D. No. 18 – main outfit. But let me tell you about that dreadful, awful, horrible orange fabric that I used for that large bow on her hat. It comes from an antique piano scarf that I have very little left of, but that I absolutely adore.

When I look at it, I think about Hagrid from Harry Potter and the Goblet of orangehagridFire, when he dressed up to impress that giantess. Turns out, I was mistaken: it was a BROWN hairy suit with a large orange flower, not the other way around. No matter, I love it still.

orangesofaIt’s the same fabric that I used to make the humpback sofa for The Little’s dollhouse. Because what dollhouse doesn’t need a hairy orange sofa?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo when I decided that Angel needed some zesting up, I decided to use some of this preciously awful fabric that I love on her. That means that when Angel flies the coop, she’ll take a little bit larger of a piece of my heart with her than most.

Speaking of flying (as in the coop), some of you may recall that Angel is a Doppelganger for Bonnie. Of course, I’ve had many doppelgangers before: Why even O.L.D. No. 1, Carol Jane and O.L.D. No. 7 Harriet (who is herself a doppelganger for Hazel) were from the same mold!

However! These particular¬† doppelgangers arrived one after the other. AND! Guess who else flies besides Bonnies? ANGELS, that’s who! I took it as a sign. So without further ado, here is Angel in her “main” outfit.


Angel’s clothes are identical to Bonnie’s, ‘cept in a different color scheme more suited to her brown tin eyes. All except for her non-aviator hat. Angel’s hat sports a deliciously hideous bow. You can see Angel’s adoption page HERE.

Bonnie is flying as we speak to…Colorado! Michelle E. has struck again! THANK YOU, MICHELLE!

And with that, I leave you. Happy Wednesday, you’re my favorite!

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