Now, THAT is a BAT Joke!

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You know what’s hard? Finding a funny joke about bats! Or a pun! Or something!

The next chapter coming out tomorrow night has a bat joke in it. And I use the term “joke” lightly, but it’s the thought that counts!

So here as a quickie post as I get back to work. The bat jokes that didn’t make it. The rejects, you might say:


Why did the bat wear glasses?

Because he had BAT EYES!

(You have to read it out loud to get it, although there isn’t much to get, hence the rejection although this was the place holder for the longest time in the book.  Most people read to themselves in their heads)






How are bats like false teeth?

They all come out at night!









Why don’t bats live alone?

They prefer to hang out with their friends!



WOKKA WOKKA!! Thank you, thank you, I’m here ’til Thursday! Tip your waitress!

You can only imagine the joke that actually made it…

Happy Monday!

P.S. I like the gallery picture I found for today. “Release the Bats!” to which I would reply, “Send in the Clowns!”

Please, do.


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