Now Dasher! Now Dancer!

I LOVE spats. I sacrificed the cutest pair of kidskin gloves so that Marjorie could have some.

I don’t know where exactly the idea of doing a majorette came from. But when it did…when it did! Things fell into place in ways you wouldn’t believe. I can’t tell you here, but my post regarding this girl will reveal the amazing coincidences that collided to bring her together. Until then…


Here she is in her “street” clothes.

Thus begins the adoption page for Marjorie the Majorette. You can see it HERE.

And here is the story: Whenever the next little doll and I decide what her “theme” is going to be, I send her out to play with the other little dolls, and I do research so I can figure out how I want her outfit to look. So I researched, “Vintage Majorette.”

I found several useful images.




Ooh! A hat with an eagle! I just so happened to have an eagle pin! I’ve had it in my stash forever, and when I’ve stumbled across it I’ve wondered where I’d ever use it. It’s far too large to use as a brooch for a doll. And now here the use is! On Marjorie’s Hat:

See that plume? It was sent OUT OF THE BLUE in a box of GLORIOUS goodies from a friend named Janey that I’ve never met in person. PERFECT TIMING.

I like that Marjorie also looks like she could have stepped out of a stage production of “The Music Man.” That’s Iowa based!












But the best thing I found when doing my research wasn’t just the following image, it was the poem that came with it called, “Prance Little Lady.” It was written in 1954 by a father for his daughter, who had been a majorette at Leonia high school from 1941-1942. The majorette’s niece posted photos and the poem on her blog where I was lucky enough to stumble across it. BEHOLD:

Majorette Midgie Twirler2-1

Courtesy of Barbara Schaffer

 Prance Little Lady


Strike up the band, here comes a cutie.
Baton in hand, ready for duty.
High-action knee – smile grimly set –
Who can it be but the Drum Majorette?


Twirling her stick like an airplane propeller –
Gee what a trick! What a treat for a feller!
Bobbing her head, her baton swinging high,
“Margie” co-ed, majorette, marches by.


Thump! Goes the drum; Oompah! The brasses.
Onward they come, the lads and their lasses.
All round the field – into the stand!
Strut, Little Lady! Strike up the Band!


Courtesy of Barbara Schaffer


Marjorie Hope Bower
Leonia High School
Daddy 1954


It took me awhile to realize what I was seeing. I was so focused on the lovely images from the site, and from the poem itself. It wasn’t until I re-read the kind permission email I got from the original poster that I finally noticed. The girl that the poem was written for was named
And here’s a closer shot of that pin:

Sometimes things are just meant to be.

Speaking of Meant To Be, brace yourself! Patriotic Liberty was adopted by…Kathleen Z of Alameda, California! HAH! Fooled ye, didn’t I? Thank you, Kathleen! Glad to hear you love Liberty. So do I…

And with that, I leave you! Happy Wednesday, you’re my favorite! And HAPPY GREATER ROLFE DAYS!!! (surely you’ve heard!)

9 Commentsto Now Dasher! Now Dancer!

  1. Sue Ann says:

    Greetings Ruth! Once AGAIN you have done it! LOVE Marjorie Majorette! Super gal, just like her creator artist Mom! Getting ready for KC Missouri, doll convention this next week, so I’m trying to refrain from buying now…however, this doll is a BEAUTY! You are MY favorite! Doll Hugs, Sue Ann

  2. Jane Agle says:

    The coincidence of that is A M A Z I N G ! ! !

  3. Libby Boyce says:

    The whole MB thing gave me CHILLS! I put in a bid just in case the B meant to be for “Boyce” but alas, it was not to be. I’m thinking MB may well stand for “Major Bidding”.
    Hope the weather has been good to Greater Rolfe Days. Did you all go to the parade?

    • Ruth says:

      Did I say “Bower”? I meant Boyce!

      The weather has been surprisingly good. The thunderstorms that were forecast have given way to sunny skies, thank goodness! Julie went to the parade, alas, I was busy working on O.L.D. No. 47, but we were both at the kid’s games with bells on!

      Thanks so much!


  4. Libby Boyce says:

    Add this to the list of ‘coincidences’: Sunday evening I was looking for the new O.L.D. (I’ve since gotten the Wednesday memo) and plugged Hazel Twigg into the search bar. Seeing none, ever helpful Ebay came up with a handful of listings under Hazel Twig – followed by two sponsored ads. The first was for “White Majorette Boots”. And the second? It was for a “Marjorie Table Lamp”! What are the chances? How often do you see ads for majorette boots? And who ever heard of a Marjorie lamp? I tried it again today but two different sponsored links came up. Still…

    • Ruth says:


      Here’s another: Marjorie Bower was a majorette at Leonia High School. My grandmother’s name was Leone! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

      Thanks for writing again and sharing, Libby. You’ve been a joy!


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