Not-So-Ready Sadie

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Like all modest girls of her day, Sadie is not quite ready for a full introduction. But I cannot put her off any longer, she at least wants to casually meet you. So here she is:


Her wig isn’t attached, not until her outfit is fully finished. I’m happy with her coat, just not with how it lays.


The lining of the coat and hat is a fun surprise. I iron the heck out of these things. The iron – although you wouldn’t guess it looking at me in the day to day – is my FRIEND. It “vintages” things! I’ve just temporarily lost my Iron Mojo. But it will be back and Sadie will be Satisfied!

I have toiled and toiled over her, and there’s still so much to do! Alas, last Friday I was felled by a mysterious ailment. I suspect Nargles!

I wasn’t able to do anything but groan until Sunday, at which time I worked some more on the art for “Hazel Twigg & the Hollyhock Hideaway.”

No, no! You flatter me! Not the drawings themselves! Apparently, my drawing skills are getting worse!

You be the judge.

Here’s another version of a drawing for the current book by me (it won’t give anything away):

Car door Ruth

Look at that fluidity! Those artful, almost devil-may-care lines! IT’S LIKE A PICASSO!!!

Car door Nina

Yet THIS is what they prefer!

And here’s Nina’s, pre-color:

But! They let me help with the back and forth, where I can say, “No, that’s not quite what I had in mind. How can I make it clearer? Did you not see my sketch?”

Well. One does what one can. In the meantime, back to work. I have an appearance – a public appearance mind you! Not the usual kind where it’s just me appearing for myself in my house (to great applause, I might add) – come Wednesday! My public awaits! In the Rolfe public library! Which seems just the place!

I’m working on my rider. You don’t know what a rider is? Well, you’ll find out.

Oh, how you’ll find out…

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