Night and Day & the Thief of Thunder

It was a tough day yesterday out on the prairie. I got a new little doggie, which to you non-cowpokes means a new-to-me trusty steed.


Ain’t she a beaut?

The trusty steed was a feisty thing and needed to be handled just right, and not just anyone could ride her.

But I did.

Yessirree, it took some doing to tame her, but in no time at all I was out there roaming the open range, golf course, whatever, with nary a buck once she knew who was boss.

There were dangers overhead, too. The air was filled with eerie swallows, bent on protecting their turf.

lawnswallowCicada right

Hmm. Looks a lot like a bat. Swoops the same, too. But you know what? I weren’t scared. Know why? Because it was DAY.

Daytime makes all the difference. That’s why all them scary movies happen in the dark. At NIGHT. Can you imagine if “The Shining” took place at a sunny resort? lawnjackA

I ignored the little critters and didn’t even flinch.


A lawn cowboy’s work is never done. I’ll be heading back tomorrow, ready to risk life and limb so you desperados can golf on a smooth surface.


After I took my weary bones home, I heard a distinctive roar across the street, now as familiar to me as the back of my own, lawn-mowing hands. I poked my head out the curtains, expected to see a rugged cowboy like myself. I figured maybe we could swap stories that night over a campfire while eating beans out of a can with our fingers.


HMPF! Apparently, everybody rides riding lawnmowers ‘round these here parts.

It doesn’t matter now. It’s in my blood. I will ride again.


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