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Shame on me! I think I gave Nina what I had. That was one mighty powerful bug, with the chills and the fever and the coughing and sneezing. And it made it halfway ’round the world to the Ukraine, found our artist, and nabbed her too!

However, she’s getting better thank goodness, and now we have some newly colorific art.

First, here’s my sketch “The Mimic” from Chapter 20’s Bearing Gifts:HT-046 The Mimic NG

Nina’s! A tad better, even when she’s under the weather (and by “tad,” I mean a LOT):HT_46Next, here’s my sketch “Teeter Totter” from Chapter 21’s A Place For Everything:HT-048 Teeter Totter NG

Nina’s!HT_48NO, those are NOT my legs in the foreground, why do you ask? I know, I know! It’s like looking in a MIRROR. Where the heck is my razor? Ah, well. It’s winter time, and mighty cold out…

Regarding the “Gallery” image, whenever I look at my sketch, I see a face in that fruit basket…

Happy Monday, all!

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