Morning Has Broken & The Plot Thickens

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ninja2wOkay, first the “Morning Has Broken” part: my Mother and my Attic. NINJA! As I quietly and fruitfully worked down in my sewing room, overhead there was much knocking and shifting about. My mother is a wonder! I would occasionally go up there (gulp!) to sort through piles with her, finding long lost treasures as well as a good deal of junk to be tossed. In between, my mad eyes would search those dark little rafters for inky fur and razor fangs.

My last visit of the day up to the attic, and voila! Wonderfulness! I could see a glimpse of why it had been one of my favorite places when I first saw this house. Why, perhaps I’d come up here more often! Perhaps I’d even LIVE up here! After all, there’s a perfectly good and practically brand new red reclining love seat, partially taken apart and carried up there and put back together by my ex-husband and son for that brief time period when my son decided that the attic was the Place To Be. Maybe Adam was right! I could sleep up there in plush comfort, warmed by the glow of the single dangling light bulb, cozy and content in this wide open and spacious space.

Maybe not.


Smith & Jones would have LOVED THIS CHAIR.

As we sat having lunch over the well-deserved homemade pizza I’d made for my hard-working Mom, I casually asked, “So, did you see any bats?” munching away without a care in the world.


“Um,” she replied. “Maybe.”


“Maybe some little bones…”

Dear Reader, I shall NOT be living in that attic anytime soon. The snow is melting. Which means spring is just around the corner. Time for those creatures to get out and feed…YIKES! I’m scaring myself! Today the attic fun continues…


I was going to insert a picture of a nice, hot bowl of split pea soup here, but it grossed even ME out – and I love split pea! So, um, you’re welcome…?

Now for “The Plot Thickens” (I hope you’ve already had your breakfasts): This is a little tidbit “About” Chapter 26 Split Pea. After Hazel, Ruth and the dolls discover that they cannot venture outside the Circle of Magic, and therefore cannot venture out of town to buy new clothes for Hazel to wear to school, it’s decided that they will search for things in the attic for Hazel to wear.

The attic! Hazel knows that Ruth and her mother’s grandmothers once lived in this house. The clothes up there had to be Very Old.

Looking at the dolls that surrounded her, Hazel decided to humor Ruth. Maybe she could secretly brew up a can of split pea soup and hold as much as she could in her mouth and then pretend to throw up at just the right time. It was something she always dearly wanted to try, faking an illness. She’d never attempted it with her mother, because the instant she would so much as sneeze, her mother would rush her to the doctor, worried that her only daughter was on the brink of death. Hazel figured that Ruth would probably just send her to bed, something that sounded far more attractive than going to school in ancient rags. So, yes. That would do.

Her fail proof plan in place, she followed Ruth up the stairs.

My childhood friend Holly and I used to dream and scheme about this very thing: holding soup in our mouths and “throwing up” at the same time so that we could both stay home from school and play. We never actually did it, but it was awfully fun to think about…

On that note, Happy Thursday! Once again, if I’m not back tomorrow check the attic. We are not Out of the Woods YET.

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