Message In A Bottle


Dark and Stormy afternoon photo. See?

Usually, I’ll do a post about the current O.L.D. (Once-Loved Doll) several days after she’s put up for adoption on ebay. Frequently, even after a doll is listed, I have copious amounts of things still to do. Such especially was the case with Cora the Town Crier, she of the Special Announcement.

She was put up for adoption three days ago Wednesday with minimum information. You can see her page HERE.

At the time, I could only post one photo because of the dark and stormy afternoon. Also, she wasn’t anywhere near done. I worked hard and finally finished her Friday night. Took her pictures, edited them, uploaded them onto ebay, and . . . POOF. Nothing. After several tries, I called ebay. They’re having technical difficulties! Which wouldn’t be so bad if I could let people know there were technical issues, but I can’t! Nothing’s working. Ebay said to give them 24 hours. I check every now and then to see if the problem’s fixed, but still no go. So this post here is my message in a bottle to those prospective adopters of Cora the Town Crier.

She’s here to make a very special official announcement:


Here’s her scroll! Note the time on the watch. See what I did there? I was given a bunch of watches of all kinds by Jennifer Trenary from her grandmother. They’ll be popping up here and there with future dolls. One in particular! Can’t wait.


The bell was a gift to Cora from The Mayor. It jingles ever so prettily – unless you’re doing a fitting with lots of moving about.

This fellow here was my main inspiration:

town crier11ctcfullb

Here he’s announcing a royal birth. In a way, Cora’s doing the same thing! Not a royal birth by any means, but this is my baby, and I did labor on her for over four years.

I noticed that over his coat he was wearing a cape that had several different gew-gaws on it. So I made one for Cora.

town crier1c


I used a bunch of earrings and charms and odds and ends.

And of course, she has street clothes!


Here she is before. She was so excited when I told her what her role would be.










And there you have it! Cora the Town Crier! I hope this bottle floats to more than parts unknown.

And with that, I leave you! Happy weekend, you’re my favorite!


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  1. Sue Ann says:

    Dear Ruth, Congrats again for the BOOK! I’m counting the days to get it! LOVE the town crier Cora, is a good name too. You sure captured the look with her cloths & all! Love the gee-gaws (?) and everything. You are truly a talented Artist, & Author now too! As well as a beautiful person! You are my favorite! Hugs, Sue Ann