Many Splendored Things


Luke & Laura, from General Hospital.
This is kind of what me and the doctor look like, when he’s not on duty and we time travel back to the 70’s and hang out amongst duct work.

Yesterday I was telling Julie that I didn’t know what I was going to write for my blog today. She suggested doing a redux of a past post. Well, I wasn’t going to, but then I got all excited last night because today I’m going to see my doctor boyfriend (note: if you’re over 27 and not related and not married or if I don’t know whether or not you’re married, you’re my boyfriend. I have SEVERAL. Not to brag) so I couldn’t sleep.

BatmanclimbSo! Speaking of boyfriends, who wouldn’t want a superhero? Even if he’s a tad grumpy? Aw, BATMAN, you’re not fooling ANYONE.

Wish me luck with my doctor boyfriend! Don’t be jealous!

2 Commentsto Many Splendored Things

  1. David says:

    If you are lonely, just dial 911. Soon your room will be filled with good looking paramedics of unknown marital status. However, it does not become a “date” unless mouth to mouth is applied. Careful planning is necessary. Haha

    • Ruth says:

      Ah! But I don’t think you grasp just how very tiny this town is. I KNOW the people who would respond were I to call 911 and…let’s just say, I don’t swing that way. POET!