Magic Reminder!

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1ctcsideamDon’t forget from the comfort of your own home (or job. Pesky work!) to take advantage of the monstrous sale of Hazel Twigg & the Hollyhock Hideaway for $9.95 TODAY ONLY on Amazon!

And I hope your Thanksgiving was Amazing!

Thank you!

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4 Commentsto Magic Reminder!

  1. Sue Ann says:

    Hello Ruth! I just ordered the book fro my niece “The Bookworm” (self named), thru Amazon & wondered how to get your autograph on it? She would LOVE that! If possible? Thanksgiving was great spent with many friends & some soldiers from Ft. Bliss. Good times! Thanks for the special price & have & will continue to tell ALL my friends of it! Hugs, Sue Ann

    • Ruth says:

      Greetings, Sue Ann!

      Ooh, I hope “the Bookworm” enjoys it! Sadly, the books purchased via this sale won’t be signed due to volume. No, not even for my own dear mother! A wee little elf with a tiny little brain is shipping them. We’ll be lucky to get them out without slobber on the pages!

      Your Thanksgiving sounds WONDERFUL. Many friends! Of COURSE you have many friends, you excellent human, you!



  2. Sandra Benteler says:

    Hello from O.L.D. #00042 Valerie!

    Dearest Ruth,
    While I was at Hollyhock Hideaway I waited so eagerly for the book to be done but alas I wandered off before you finished! Sandra purchased one yesterday on . If she mails it to you with some return postage enclosed will you sign it for me? I might have to read it first though as I just can’t wait any longer.

    With love,
    Valderie(I think I like it like the song..ha ha)

    • Ruth says:

      SANDRA! Sorry to respond so late! CURSE those shiny objects! Good news: I originally wasn’t going to be signing the books from the Magic Friday sale due to the bargain price and time, but because we’re having a delay in shipping, I’ll be signing them all! We’re going to be working feverishly to get them out, me and my little elf (AKA, The Mayor), so I don’t know if I can personalize, but it will be signed!!

      WHOOPS! I guess I’m talking to Valderie (which I secretly prefer as well). Valderie, will you tell your new mother Sandra for me and thank her for purchasing a copy of Hazel Twigg? And tell her to come wandering with you sometimes!