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The sudden, plaintive cries startled me awake as I dozed over the cleaning of the next O.L.D., Cassandra. The previous three would be a hard act to follow, seeing as how Shirley, Bridget and Lauren were all “name brand” dolls – and all, incidentally, adopted by the lovely Michelle E. of Hudson, Colorado.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut Cassandra, an unmarked, unfamous, un-name brand little girl was willing to give it a try. So we started our work, giving her a very good cleaning, which she desperately needed.


There it was again!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn my sewing room there is a tall, glass-fronted cabinet, purchased on layaway from an antique store in Algona, Iowa. I love that thing! It is where *most* of my cotton fabrics for dresses reside. Okay, HALF. The bleating sounds sounded as if they were coming from there.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABelow the cottons in the lower cupboards are where my felts and faux furs are kept. Cassandra eagerly jumped off my lap and struggled to open the door, which was stuck swollen shut with our recent copious amounts of rain.

She stood back and I helpfully opened the door for her.


The cry was less plaintive and frantic this time. In fact, it sounded…joyful.

Cab3aOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“There!” Cassandra hollered. “Right there! Do you see?”

Reader, I did not. Do you?

She was pointing to some fur at the very bottom of the pile. Long ago I’d gone through a teddy bear making stage, and this light colored fur was a remnant of that period in my life. Bears! Bears for everyone!

One of the first bears I made was for my grandmother. “What a nice monkey!” she exclaimed. I’m happy to say I got better at it as I practiced.

But the sounds we had heard were clearly not from some old remnant of fur. There wasn’t even a mouth, so how on earth…?


With her mask, added as a nod to Halloween, Cassandra is like the super hero of Sheep Rescuers.

“My sheep! My sheep!” Now it was Cassandra’s turn to plaintively cry. “He is in there, I’m sure! We just have to find him!”

Well, there’s only one person I for sure know is a rescuer of lost sheep. Enter Cassandra, which it turns out is the real name of, you guessed it, Little Bo Peep.

Bo Peep1I did a little research and found inspiration in this old illustration for Cassandra’s costume.

Once we finished cleaning and re-stringing and then making her true outfit for her, complete with hip bolsters, a petticoat, bloomers and a straw hat made from an antique, human size one, we were ready to find Cassandra’s sheep. It turns out, he was there all along. He simply needed to be cut out, sewn, and firmly stuffed with cotton balls.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd I’m happy to say, he hasn’t made a peep since.

Good luck, Cassandra! Lucky No. O.L.D. 13! She is the FIRST in the Halloween series (hence the mask), and possibly the last. Unless I start hearing those voices out of nowhere again, that is.

You can see Cassandra’s adoption page HERE.







Happy Mond – er, TUESDAY! You’re my favorite!

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