Just An Old-Fashioned

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Love Song to my adopted home town of Rolfe, Iowa. I LOVE IT HERE. My sister (The Mayor) Julie and I have lived here for just over seven years, and it is home.

Last night I went to an event at the old school gym and had a great time. It was so much fun! There were so many friendly faces. Some I know well, some I didn’t recognize, but all were friendly. Of course, you don’t expect an ax murderer at a painting class…


Here’s the painting event hosted by Creative Spirits Okoboji. If you have a moment, like them HERE on Facebook. And while there, if you haven’t yet liked the Hazel Twigg page, you can do that HERE.
Now, I’m not amongst this sea of faces. There’s some older woman seated four folks back in the second row that looks an awful lot like me, but surely...

I am reminded quite frequently of why I moved here. Why once I learned of its existence I absolutely had to live in Iowa, no matter what. And Rolfe was the magical town in the freshly discovered state I adored those seven and a half years ago that I had to live in above all else.

I love everything about it. The people, the houses, the people, the weather, the people…Thank you, Rolfe! Thank you, Iowa! I won’t let you down.

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3 Commentsto Just An Old-Fashioned

  1. Sarah says:

    It was so very good to hug my neighbor girl last night. Even though I felt somewhat overwhelmed by our purpose…..the evening flew by and I think we all had fun. Seeya soon ladyfriend!

    • Ruth says:

      It WAS a little overwhelming, wasn’t it? I hadn’t been out and about for so long. Lights! People! Action! But it WAS so much fun, and good to see you, neighborgirl!!

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