It’s…All About RUTH

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1950 movie “All About Eve” starring Bette Davis and Anne Baxter. GORGEOUS costumes by the legendary Edith Head.


Curses! Foiled AGAIN. Or…am I?

There’s not much you can do from half a world away, ‘specially since I’M now in charge of communication with our Nina!

“Hmm,” my brother Dennis said yesterday. “We have to move forward with publishing chapters, even if we don’t have the artwork from Nina.”

“B-but…how?” I asked, trying to keep the excitement out of my voice.

“Well, I…guess we could use your sketches while we wait.”

Oh, Yes We Could. It’s what I was planning the whole time!



All about eve



That Nina. Sensing my closing in (or probably she’s just an excellent worker), she got the sketches to us last night. So we’ll use those instead. Yes, they’ll most likely be in black and white, and they’re not even the final approved sketches (there are still a few tweaks to be made), but apparently they are still better than mine!


Of course, there’s always next week…

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2 Commentsto It’s…All About RUTH

  1. carmella schultes says:

    Have you met Nina in person? I hope you get to after this book makes its first million!