Honeymoon in WHOville

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You never forget that long poem or story you had to memorize for a recital in elementary school. Mine was, “The Owl and the Pussycat” (went to sea, in a beautiful pea green boat…).

So when I stumbled across this little old tea set I thought, “Hey! Why not?”

Thus begins the description for Kitty and Owl, O.L.D.’s (Once-Loved Dolls) No. 86 and 86 1/2. You can see their adoption page HERE. They are the Owl and the Kitty who went to TEA.

My sister will back me up on this: I have been a fan of owls since before they were cool again decades after being cool in the 70’s.

Here’s my largest concentration of owls. The turquoise one is my favorite, given to me by my dear friend Jennifer.

I’ve picked them up at garage sales, thrift stores, clearance aisles…some were given to me by dear friends. They’re sprinkled throughout my house. At last, here was a chance to MAKE an owl! I looked for ideas online, picked out some wools and tweeds, nine different fabrics in all! And made up a pattern.

Owl also comes with a green wool scarf for winter and a flowery hat for when he has tea. It’s not a tea party if there is no bonnet!

“Okay, I see the owl, which would account for the “Whoville” in this post’s title, but where does the “Honeymoon” part come in?” you might ask, for you are canny and wise, and notice such things.

The newly minted Dennis and Jane Agle.

I’ll tell you: My parents were married for 60 wonderful and fruitful years before my father’s passing in 2013. The year they were married (I’ll save you the math) was 1953. My mother’s mom, aka, “Grandma,” made a going away outfit, a Honeymoon outfit one might say.

It was an unusual, striking shade, neither blue nor gray. The fabric itself was something new, my mother recalls her mother saying. How she marveled as she worked on it, for it was said to be non-wrinkling, and was actually living up to its claims.

Not so easy to see the waistband here.

The outfit itself was a classic, exquisite style. The skirt was fitted, almost pencil-style in the front with deep pleats in the back. There was a matching bolero jacket with a large covered button. But my favorite feature of this most exquisite ensemble was the waist-line of the skirt. It was super, super high and the front of the waistband curved gently upward and back down, like the single hump of a camel. My mother has this outfit still.

This skirt is gathered, and this fabric is far from wrinkle-free, but there’s no mistaking that camel-hump, high waistband.

I wore it myself, many a time. I remember longingly looking forward to “Spirit Week” in high school. Longing even more for there to be a 50’s day so that I could proudly wear that flattering, stunning outfit with its glowing bluey-gray. Other’s would walk around in poodle skirts. Not me! I LOVED that thing, and am so grateful – and slightly shocked – that my mother let me borrow it.

So as I worked on Kitty’s skirt, I kept having flashbacks: “I’ve seen this before…” It only took a nano second. That skirt will never be forgot! Over the years in a person’s life they’ll have a favorite piece of clothing. Maybe two or three. One of my son’s, for example, was his Blue’s Clues green on green striped Rugby-style shirt. For me, surely one of them was my mother’s Honeymoon outfit. Hey! I bet it was one of her favorites as well! What do you think…?

Marie Antoinette was adopted by Megan P. of Myton, Utah! A new face! Thank you so much Megan, I hope you enjoy Marie!

I love my parents so very much. I’ve been thinking of them even more than usual this past week as I catch glimpses of the waistband and shade of this skirt that I know so well. For now my parents have had to say goodbye to each other and it hasn’t been easy. After 60 happy years, how could it possibly be? But I know that one day they’ll be together again. I know it with all my heart.

And with that, I leave you! Happy Sunday, you’re my favorite.


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4 Commentsto Honeymoon in WHOville

  1. Melody says:

    I remember you wearing your mom’s “Honeymoon outfit”! Lucky Kitty to have such an exquisite dress and such an amazing Owl Pal!

    • Ruth says:

      Aw, THANK YOU Melody! You have an excellent memory! The waistband of that skirt would about fit around my thigh these days…WHEE!



  2. Sue Ann Blott says:

    Greetings Ruth! Long time since I’ve commented; however, now all are well & convalescing…our dear doggie had torn ligaments back leg & is hopping right along now! Love this beautiful story & doll. You always touch my heart, with the special added pictures & provenance of dear loved ones! I too, LOVE owls & are scattered thru my house! You’re my favorite! Doll Hugs, Sue Ann

    • Ruth says:

      Owl Sistah! I was just thinking about you and wondering where you’d gone! Glad all is going well. My dog is getting older too. I LOVE that little guy!

      Good to hear from you, hope you keep in touch!