Here’s A Resolution You Can KEEP

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She was already pretty when she arrived, just a little filthy. Heaven knows where she’s been! Her wig turned noticeably brighter after it was cleaned.

Once again we have that chance to start anew. To make goals, and do our very best to achieve them. Here is a girl to represent those lofty aspirations…

Thus begins the description of O.L.D. (Once-Loved Doll) No. 99. Ninety-Nine! The LAST of the double digit O.L.D.s! Her name is RESOLUTION. You can see her adoption page HERE.

Several months ago my dear friend Brenda posted a picture on my Facebook page of some dolls she thought were cute. I LOVED them! One of them even had one of my favorite things: A pointy hat. YESS!

I kept trying to get a doll based on that image into the mix, but other things and themes came up. I’m kind of glad now. Being No. 99 seems a very good place for her.















I of course have to work with the materials I have on hand, so it’s not an *exact* copy. “Do the dress from the one on the right, and the hat from the one on the left!” my little sister cried. I of course listened to her, as I always do.

Resolution, or “Lucy,” as she likes to be called, is a 21″ Arranbee Nanette. I think this particular mold is the prettiest of all the compositions. TELL NO ONE. I’ve used it previously, although these may look a little different to you. Sometimes the smaller sizes are slightly different, or it can be amazing what a difference hair and eye color can make:

No. 43 Claire from “Outlander.”

No. 80 Geena from “A League of Their Own.”

No. 70 Claire II from “Outlander” (Season 2).


And of course, our Resolution needed some “street clothes” as well.

The brooch on her coat was discovered tucked away in the treadle sewing machine found in the house behind me that I purchased. That house had all kinds of treasures in it!

You can’t really see them, but besides the brooch, the coat also sports Victorian-era jet black glass buttons. Here’s a better view;

There’s a larger, faceted jet button on Lucy’s hat.

These buttons are treasures in themselves. The back loops are brass. You can tell the buttons are glass by tapping them against your teeth. Always a good time…

It’s taken me nearly four years to get from 1 – 99. I need to work so much faster! I have so many ideas just brimming over in my brain. So many dolls clamoring for their turn.

Which brings us back to Clara, who was adopted by…Linda L. of Portola Valley. Thank you again, Linda! That’s number FIVE.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! There are SO MANY things I want to accomplish. I have a feeling, and I’ll say it now, 2018 is going to be my year! I shall share it with you.

Know why? Because you’re my favorite.

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4 Commentsto Here’s A Resolution You Can KEEP

  1. susann says:

    Your dolls are the sweet things!!Do you use patterns for their clothes or do you just “put them together”? The clothes really make them soooo special.I love getting you emails and read every word!!!I wish I could be your neighbor.Happy New Year looking forward to seeing #100!!!!

    • Ruth says:

      Greetings, Susann!

      CURSES! The house next to me just sold – it was a cute one, too!

      I make the patterns for each and every outfit. You can see my tutorial showing you how on YouTube. Search for “Hazel Twigg.”

      THANK YOU for your kind comments! Always so happy to get them.

      HAPPY 2018!!


  2. Cathryn Evans says:

    Oh Dear Ruth
    You never cease to amaze us all with your incredible talent!
    We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings you, I am sure it will be
    Amazing and wonderful just like you!!
    Sending lots of love and good wishes your way
    Cathryn E

    • Ruth says:

      Cathryn E., me darling!

      Thank you so much, and backatcha! I have good feelings about 2018, I truly do…

      We’ll find out together!

      Ruth A. (har)