Have Broom, Will Travel

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The girl blinking up at me had issues, yes, but her coloring was very pretty and unusual. Auburn hair! Hazel eyes! Nifty! I’m always itching to get to Halloween costume making, and when she told me her name was Samantha, I immediately thought “witch.” But not just any witch! With her pretty coloring, a witch in Autumn colors would be just the thing…

Meet Samantha! The Bewitching Witch of Autumn. You can see her adoption page HERE


I like pointy shoes almost as much as I like pointy hats! Samantha has BOTH.

As many of you might know, this Wednesday I’ll be traveling to Norfolk, Nebraska to be a keynote speaker at a librarian’s workshop. I’ll be taking Samantha with me, along with Dot and Betty as well as the next O.L.D. (Once-Loved Doll) if I can get enough of an outfit done for her in time. They’ll be good luck charms for me, as well as illustrating just what a composition doll is.

Our wee witch Samantha has a custom broom made from a twig I found on one of my walks for the handle and fronds from my black walnut trees for the bristles. Well, it just so happens Samantha is deathly afraid of heights. No matter! We’ll be driving! Me and The Mayor and I think the First Dude will be making a merry travel train to parts unknown (of course, we’ll Google it on the map so we know before we start our journey).

I loved the nifty, pillowy thing on this witch’s hips, so I made a similar one for Samantha, complete with cats and (gulp!) bats.

When I was growing up, the scariest sight to see in church was the bishop making his way towards you with purpose. “We would like you to give a two-and-a-half minute talk next Sunday,” he would say. Frequently, I wouldn’t be able to answer back. I would just sit there staring up at him, throat dry, instant blurbs of nausea in the pit of my stomach, responding instead with the most miniscule of nods. The following Sunday I would quake as I talked. Never had such a short amount of time seemed so very, very long. Well, the talk this Wednesday is no two and a half minutes! This is FORTY-FIVE. That’s two and a half times, um, MATH. Something!

Samantha also comes with “street clothes,” because as much as I would like for it to be, it’s not Halloween year round!

Sensing my trepidation, Samantha called out to me in her tinny tiny voice, “Be not afraid! Watch THIS!” At which point, she hopped onto her freshly made broom and despite her fear of heights, bravely leapt off the counter in my sewing room. I felt kind of bad. For safety reasons, I hadn’t put a charm onto the broom to make it fly. Luckily, there just so happened to be a pile of fabric on the floor (ahem!) and she landed safely without a scratch.

These are a few of my favorite things…

I’m actually looking forward to Wednesday! This is the sort of thing we hoped for from the very first post on this blog and the way it came about hints that maybe it is meant to be. Hazel Twigg and all she entails has been my heart and soul for the past three years, even though she didn’t make an appearance until months into our journey. These composition dolls have been a part of my life for the past twenty-five years, ever since I discovered that such creatures exist. And magic! Magic has been a part of me forever.

The important thing to remember is that it’s not whether you soar towards the ceiling fan or fall into a soon-to-be-folded and put away pile of fabric, it’s whether you or not you get onto that broomstick in the first place.

Our sweet Babs was adopted by the equally sweet Janey J. of Oakland, California! She is now the proud human of two O.L.D.’s! An excellent woman, that Janey.

And with that, I leave you! Happy Monday, you’re my favorite.

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2 Commentsto Have Broom, Will Travel

  1. Libby Boyce says:

    Since I have to avert my eyes when one of those commercials of a car driving to the top of a cliff comes on, this really spoke to me. And thanks for the very first post link … I don’t know why it never occurred to me before to search the archives for how it all began!
    Ruth, I chose my college because it didn’t require a speech class. It took 45 years but I spoke in public for the first time at my Aunt’s memorial and got COMPLIMENTS! And APPLAUSE! And didn’t pass out (it is however, impossible to imagine the audience naked when it filled with relatives)!
    Knock ’em dead in Nebraska (metaphorically and magically that is)!