Have a Little Faith

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Meet Faith! She shall be the next O.L.D. at Number 5. She could almost be a twin to O.L.D. Number 2, Emily Grace, but I assure you, she’s not!


Faith needs a lot of help. It’s hard to tell from the photo above, but she’s filthy! Her limbs were loosey-goosey, not unlike Pinky in the book. Also, I think her wig is riding too low on her forehead. At the factory when a lot of dolls are being made at once, it’s bound to happen now and then.

You can see a little more evidence of the dirt on her face after I started to remove her wig for washing. The line of dirt precisely follows her former hairline:


In addition, the composition on her left hand was lifting and had chipped:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter I cleaned and repaired her and washed and curled her wig and reapplied it, I took her into my sewing room and asked her what kind of dress in what color of fabric would she like to wear.

She became instantly overwhelmed.

I understand, Faith. I understand. It happens to me all the time! On an impulse, I asked her what her favorite fairy tale was. She instantly brightened and replied, “Little Red Riding Hood!”


I found instructions for this costume online at makeit-loveit.com, an excellent blog by an excellent woman!


Faith’s costume will be loosly based on it. We’ll see what happens! Yesterday my sister Julie the Mayor found just the right basket to complete Faith’s ensemble and I’m raring to go. Expected adoption availability is Sunday, May 18, 2014.

Happy Friday Eve day!


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