Harlequin Romance

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Masquerade2I will be the first to admit: when I like something, I really, really like it. To the point of obsession. Past it, even! My latest obsession is “The Phantom of the Opera.” I’ve got it on the brain!

Masquerade1masqueradeOne of the big production musical numbers is “Masquerade,” and all the cast is in costumes of black and cream. I love it! A feast for the eyes! I knew that I wanted to do one of my own for our next O.L.D.

I was inspired by one dress in particular. I didn’t want to duplicate it, I only wanted to use if for my muse. I sensed pompoms in my future. And Napoleon.

masqI drew a sketch of what I wanted my dress to look like:

ENTER KRISTI, who thankfully had a waist, which this kind of costume would need. Many of my girls don’t! They have more of a toddler build. Lucky for me, Kristi liked the idea of the dress. I modified the design a little as I went. Here she is!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe giant flower she holds is a nod to a doll I’d done long ago in the same color scheme. He was a little Nippon china doll and I loved his impish expression. I wanted Kristi to have a pop of color too.

I made a hoop skirt for her. My first!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also made aaalll those little pompoms, since I wanted them to be natural materials (I used wool yarn) rather than the pre-made polyester, and I wanted to control the size of them. All part of the obsession. And all done whilst watching “Phantom.”


Here’s her “Before.” Her wig lightened several shades after it was washed. Ick! Yes, it slightly creeps me out too, to wash a human hair wig that contains years and years of dirt. It’s all for love…

Kristi is an Effanbee doll named Suzanne. She sports her original human hair wig that I carefully washed, in addition to repainting her lips that had been done with fingernail polish and, as constantly happens, wiped off with remover, which also removes the skin tone around it as well.


Kristi’s predecessor.

You can see Kristi’s adoption page HERE. She is O.L.D. No. Sweet 16 and she is THIRD in the Halloween series!

Her trick or treat pumpkin contains tootsie rolls, because they are the closest thing to black and white candy that I could think of that would fit into a trick or treat pumpkin of diminutive size.

O.L.D. number 15, Rory, for some reason never took off. If she had to go for a song (which she DID), then I’m glad she went to the Mother of All Adopters, our friend Michelle E. in Colorado. Good heavens, I wonder if she gets any sleep. Must be like a slumber party over there! Thank you, Michelle!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd thank you also, Andrew Lloyd Webber! And whoever cast Gerard Butler in the role of the phantom. ‘Tis no hardship to sit in that room and sew, I tell you…

And with that, I leave you! Happy Tuesday! You’re my favorite.


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2 Commentsto Harlequin Romance

  1. Coppelia says:

    My boys got to see Phantom on Broadway last summer. They LOVED it. The music is very haunting. Perfect for October.