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It’s Friday! And since this week’s release was the compilation of Part 1, which was great to have, it also sadly means there is no new art to study from Nina (although I’ve seen some of the upcoming work from her. You are in for a TREAT), so what to do?

HAH! Halloween is coming! Soon I will be heading (gulp!) up to my attic to retrieve my creatures once again, so that I may repair them with duct tape for yet another year, and hope that they last.

Of course, they’re made of duct tape in the first place. Duct tape, newspaper, rocks and wire hangers. I found the idea in a seasonal little book in the magazine section of our town grocery store. I tried to find the book to show you, but couldn’t right away.

Behold! My Halloween House:


Ooh! Kind of hard to see. Much easier to see in real life. This photo was taken a couple of years ago, but look! Must have been from the brief time period when I had red window frames! Here are close ups of the creatures, one by one:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALe CATS! From the side they have long, pointy noses.

The book featured three different creatures. Since I had tape left over I decided to make a parent and child for each set, to represent myself and Adam. Next:


In addition to the rocks (I went out into my yard to find them, including the large, flat ones for the feet of the purple creatures above), and newspaper, etc., there’s also fun foam and dowels. I kind of improvised a lot with what I had around the house. Oh! And a hot glue gun! It wouldn’t be creating if you didn’t burn your fingers!

Next are possibly my favorites, next to the cats:


Simply for their delighted expressions. As you can imagine, the possibilities with these simple fixin’s are ENDLESS. I decided to create my own creature:


I’m hoping that this year I can create another set. If I do, I’ll show them here in a later post.

Such a simple, simple idea. And so much fun to do! Not to mention that they survive the elements. Get some newspaper and start wadding!

Now that I already have them made, for me the hardest part is going up to the attic (gulp!) to fetch them.

Happy October and Happy Friday Everyone!


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4 Commentsto HalloHouse

  1. Dennis Agle says:

    I think those ghouls are so creepy and well done, I bet you could make money making these for people less creative than you. Just a thought. Love,

  2. Jane Agle says:

    So clever and cute.