Friday Flights of Fancy

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My Mom is here! My glorious Mother! So this, fair maidens and knights, shall be a quick post. New art from Nina!

Please forgive me if I’ve posted some of these before. I am currently rather heavily drugged and practically incoherent. My keyboard is slobbery with drool, I drag one of my legs when I walk. I run into walls…You get the picture. No worries, ’tis only temporary. As a reward for your patience, I’ve posted a BONUS sketch that I KNOW you haven’t seen below.

First of all, remember my post about scents and how fruit and perfume Do Not Mix? Here’s my sketch to belabor that fact, featuring poor ol’ Marlene:

HT-045 The Gift NG

And here’s Nina’s:


Same chapter, here’s “The Mimic” (remember that Marlene has no magic, and cannot see the dolls):

HT-046 The Mimic NGNina’s:

Sk_HT_46Next, Smith and Jones from Chapter 21 A Place For Everything:

HT-047 Before The Fall NGNina’s!

Sk_HT_47Same chapter, Smith & Jones take their punishment (and I don’t care WHO you are, high heels all the live long day is PUNISHMENT.

HT-048 Teeter Totter NGFinally, Nina’s!

Sk_HT_48BONUS! Here’s a sketch for this next week’s chapter that didn’t make the cut. Sometimes when I can’t decide what to pick to illustrate, I’ll put two choices out there out there for my siblings to help me decide. This one is “the road not taken.” Marlene and Maxwell are together again! I called this “Jingle, Jangle, Jingle” and secretly almost wanted to pick it for that name alone, although nobody ever really sees what I call my drawings anyway (‘cept YOU, of course!):

HT-051 Jingle Jangle Jingle NGHow could Maxwell resist a face like that? Such charm! Such…something indescribable!

Have a GREAT Friday! Go BRONCOS!!

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