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Well! Turns out, even with all that’s going on in the Ukraine, sweet Nina has been working hard! Some of us (namely ME) simply missed seeing them.

I blame Brownies. Excerpt from version 3 before Hazel Twigg was created:

brownies1a…not all magic was as delightful as that. Roguish brownies would get Ruth in trouble when her busy mother would send her off in search of one thing or another. The brownies would hide the sought after object in plain sight, so that even if she were looking right at it she wouldn’t see it, only revealing it to her with a crisp “snap!” when she was about to give up her search in frustration. 

She would hear their gleeful laughter as they ran away, but that didn’t make her task of facing her mother any easier after having taken so long!

I SWEAR, there was NO ART in my in box last week! When Genn inquired if I’d received certain illustrations, I went back – and was shocked to see them there! Curse you, Brownies! Foiled again!

Ah, well. We now have some new color versions to premiere, as well as a DELIGHTFUL new sketch from our Nina.

First, from Chapter 20 Bearing Gifts. My sketch:

HT-045 The Gift NG

Nina’s, in living color:


“Can I come in? This is getting a little heavy.” Without waiting for a response, Marlene swept into the house carrying an enormous basket of fruit wrapped in bright yellow cellophane. “Oh, my,” Marlene paused and looked Ruth and Hazel up and down, “you have been in the attic, haven’t you? My, my, my…”

This next one is especially beautiful. Nina has captured the moment perfectly. From Chapter 22 Remembrances & Regrets. First, her sketch:

Sk_HT_49And now, in color:


“What’d you say, Liv?” Ruth called out. She stayed still, not wanting to pull either the tube or the toboggan because the swishing of them would make it hard to hear Olivia’s response. But Olivia didn’t respond. Not verbally. Instead, she sank to her knees.

That is now one of my absolute favorites from Nina. Of course, I have a lot of favorites from her…

Last but not least, good ol’ Marlene is at it again in Chapter 24 Scotcharoo’d. My sketch:

HT-051 The Poser NG

And Nina’s!


The eating area was empty. There was no one else in the station except the two clerks. And Maxwell. Marlene’s cheeks flushed, and she imagined that she looked as pretty as a picture standing there. For a moment she paused. And posed.
Ooooh. She loved the sound of his voice. “Why, hello Maxwell!”

That Marlene is quite the dresser. Can’t WAIT to see this in color! Of course, I have to actually LOOK. Happy Monday, all!

*Bonus points for you if you can guess which song from which movie the title for this post came from. Any ideas..?

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  1. Jane Agle says:

    How do you solve a problem like Maria? From Sound of Music ????