FINIS! And the Fortunate Son

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HT_12_cover_CBRDid you feel any magic in the air last Saturday, say around 8:07 in the morning Central time? I did! Know why? Because I finished the book. And it’s exactly 78,000 words. A SIGN. It took way longer than I thought, and no wonder: I’ve added five new chapters! And the story is much better for it.

Besides the second outfit I wanted to make, this girl needs a LOT of work. If you look closely, you’ll see that her head is split clear in two.

I was going to hurry and try and get the doll I’d been working on finished and put up for adoption the next day. I was having the same battle with The Mayor as always. This doll is somewhat specific and I really, really wanted to make two outfits for her, especially as the first outfit was so unusual and “off the beaten path,” as they say. The Mayor just wanted me to get her up for adoption as is, with just the one dress so she wouldn’t have to watch me stress all weekend. Then she had a bit of a family emergency herself, so we both decided to stop everything and smell the roses and I took a second week in a row “off” (still toiling away, and those storm windows aren’t going to put themselves up in the attic!).

Plus, this way I get to make that second and more traditional outfit. We’ll see if you think it was worth the extra time. Coming soon!


First Grade. Seems like yesterday.

Also, I couldn’t let this day pass without expressing how very much I love my son and how proud I am of him.


At his recent senior prom with his girlfriend the lovely Sara Axson.

Look at him! You can see it in his face: He was a great boy who has turned into a Good Man. Adam is funny and charming and smart and has such a strong sense of right and wrong. He was an absolute joy to raise, my little mini-me who is now so much taller than I.

Today he graduates from high school and soon he’ll be going to college. I’m so excited for him and for all the adventures he has ahead! Of course I’m a little weepy as I type this. I’m a mom! A very proud mom. I love you, Adam and I am so very fortunate that you are my son.

Next week, back to normal! With blog posts and weekly dolls and battles with The Mayor and the like. You’ll never guess who won the last O.L.D.! You won’t! Until then…

Happy Friday! You’re my favorite.

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4 Commentsto FINIS! And the Fortunate Son

  1. Sue Ann Blott says:

    Dearest Ruth, WOW! Congrats on finished your book! You deserved week or month off! (No more, cause we enjoy your wonderful talents on the OLD dolls!) I do hope you are gonna continue them!!!!! What ever would we do with out the thrill of the hunt! Your Adam is a true jewel (I can tell); & you should be proud that you raised him RIGHT! What a wonderful family you have my friend! I’m extra happy this week as I have good news on medical tests I had. Going to doll convention next month, so am excited. Good job on the book,anxious to read it. Hugs, Sue Ann

    • Ruth says:

      Yay Sue Ann, on your tests! There must be magic in the air! I’m secretly jealous of the doll convention, but I’ll muddle through somehow…You’ll have to tell me all about it.

      Ooh, a month off! TEMPTING. Of course, if I did that I’d waste away to nothing…Not to mention all the sad O.L.D.’s who would have to wait that much longer. Better not.

      Congrats again and THANK YOU!


  2. Beth Boyce says:

    Congratulations Ruth, on your son and your other baby, the BOOK! Such good reasons for missing a Sunday debut. Beats a tornado any day!

    I can’t seem to find the tub of Elmers Interior/Exterior wood putty you recommended …’tho Amazon has something close. My local store has TUBES of Elmers Interior wood filler in Natural (flesh-colored)or Interior/Exterior that is stainable (appears grey). Would either of those work?

    You must be so relieved to get the book done. How many pages are 178,000 words? Can’t wait to see it and what surprises you have in store Sunday.


    • Ruth says:

      Hi, Libby!

      THANK YOU! So good to finally have it done. And my son! So proud (as are all parents when their kids do well).

      Nope, those tubes don’t work. I’m going to email a picture to you separately of what I’m talking about. SOMEBODY’S gotta have it! I also went to the Elmer’s site to see who carries it. I’ll send that link to you as well.

      Actually, just 78,000 words. Plenty of pages! We’ll see what happens next.

      I’ve been toiling all day on the next O.L.D. Her wig is freshly curled and drying as we speak. Hope people like her!

      Off to send that email to you and thanks again!