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Here she is looking just like herself, dimples and all.

Yesterday an icon died, and I can’t let that pass without saying farewell. One of the most – quite possibly the most – enduring dolls of all time is the Shirley Temple doll and it tickled me pink that the person this old composition doll was based on was still alive and kicking.


Late 50’s, early 60’s version.

The Shirley Temple doll was popular for decades in many forms besides composition; vinyl, plastic and even porcelain. Of course I prefer the composition ones the most! But the vinyl ones of the late 50’s, early 60’s are a close second.


Shirley Temple was even mentioned at my father’s recent memorial. From my brother Dennis’ blog:

I think I’m gaining a greater appreciation for how the stories from our lives constantly work to shape us. As I was doing the research to prepare my father’s eulogy, I came across a few small, but life-shaping stories like that, most of which I didn’t know until I started my research.

Close Encounter with Shirley Temple

shirley_templeSometime when dad was around 7 or 8, he lived in Palm Springs, which was at the time a playground for Hollywood stars. Once, dad and his parents were stuck in traffic on the town’s main street, when a whole crowd of people rounded the corner and crossed the street.

Suddenly Dennis saw Shirley Temple emerge from the crowd, and she touched their car as she walked by. I picture it happening in slow motion. I suspect that moment may have contributed greatly to dad’s life-long love of movies, a love he passed along to his kids.


I finally found the image that inspired the outfit made for a 13″ composition Shirley Temple doll that I had. I should have known! It was in my folder of favorite things. Here it is:


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