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You know how it is; company’s coming, and not just to stay below grounds on the main floor of your house.  Chances are, they’re family. Quite possibly from far away, and they will most likely venture upstairs to Neverland. What do you do? You throw things into your closet, that’s what.

And then imagine the light in your closet breaks, and you can’t see in there, and you’re afraid of the dark anyway, especially the dark in there, because that’s where the first bat occurred. Would you take the time to clean the mess? No! At least, I wouldn’t.

I would only venture in there and hang out amongst the rubble to record the occasional teaser video, balancing a script, a recording device and a flashlight (although in one silly move, I used a CANDLE. Which I then tipped over. All these months later I discovered wax on some of my shoes).

You can watch Chapter 3’s video here:

Collect (or watch) all FOUR videos HERE.

So there my closet sat, rubblicious and dark. Enter my mother. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t let her take a “before” picture. Shoot! That would have made a wonderful contrast to how it looks now!

Thankfully, I found a close approximation:

closet6Aaaaand here it is now!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd towards the left:                                                                          And under the stairs:













Turns out, the light wasn’t broken! The little pull chain had just come off! There’s actual LIGHT in there! And we found no bats!

So now I have a nice clean place to put things! Should company ever come again…upstairs…


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  1. Jane Agle says:

    You are most welcome. It was fun!