East of Edith

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI recently received a very nice note from the woman who adopted Poor Edith.

Thank you for the lovely doll that arrived in the mail. I started out collecting antique bisque dolls over 30 years ago. Progressed to dollhouses and then to dollhouse dolls. Have discovered after just collecting everything that am only satisfied with little dolls with beautiful clothing. The clothing is what gives me the most satisfaction. If were to be reincarnated would choose to come back as a designer of beautiful clothing. Am looking forward to more Downton Abbey this winter. This doll is spectacular. Keep it up. You are just doing great work. As I am constantly on Ebay, will keep my eyes open for future dolls from you.

Carol, South Dakota

I think Edith is going to be very content.

One Lost Doll down. Hundreds to go….

Happy Monday!

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2 Commentsto East of Edith

  1. Dennis Agle says:

    Good work and very professionally done!
    Love, Dad

    • Ruth says:

      DAD! How did I miss this yesterday?! I must have been hard at work (I was). Yay! I love you! So glad you’re feeling better! I love you! Did I already say that? (I did). Because I DO.