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As the hours count down to tonight’s midnight premiere of Chapter 19 Cheerleader Tower (and I may have to re-think that title. It’s whatever strikes me at the time, and at the time, I liked it. Now all I can think is, “Hmm. ‘Cheerleader Tower.’ I’d be at the bottom of that, I bet,’ and let’s face it, nobody wants to feel badly about themselves, not even for a minute. But I digress), I’ve received two more new sketches from Nina, including one that is exceptionally BRILLIANT.

The first. This is from Chapter 17 The Ending & The Beginning. It’s Hazel’s first morning at the Hollyhock Hideaway, and she carefully climbs out of bed so as not to wake the dolls. A refresher of my sketch I call “Do Not Disturb”:

HT-039 Do Not Disturb NGAnd now, here’s Nina’s!

Sk_HT_39Excellent job, as always! Just a few tweaks needed.

Next, here’s the second sketch for the chapter, entitled “The Spider Queen.” When Ruth starts acting strangely, Hazel frets that perhaps Ruth has only pretended to be nice.

Maybe Ruth was The Queen of the Giant Spiders, which would explain why she always wore black, and she’d been feeding Hazel moldy food this whole time to fatten her up for Priscilla, and the transformation of the home had only been an illusion created to make it appear to be wonderfully magical and clean and to keep her here willingly, and instead Hazel was actually still living in filth, surrounded by ghosts masquerading as dolls.

My sketch:

HT-040 The Spider Queen NGNina’s:

Sk_HT_40I Love, love, LOVE this! Nina improved my thought INFINITY! I mean, that’s what I meant to draw the whole time!

I love the little details, like Dot being lowered with a spiderweb, and the expressions on Ruth and Hazel’s faces. Can’t wait to see them in color!

For some reason, now I’m craving pancakes…Of course, I wouldn’t want mine festooned with spiders.

Or, would I…..?

Happy Tuesday, all! Happy One-Week-From-Christmas-Eve day, no need to panic! Hope all is well!

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