Dr. Ruth, Medicine Woman

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handsBehold, these hands! (Ignore the lotion. Pesky hand model.) These gifted hands have healed again!

No, I’m not a doctor. But I play one in real life. Last night I noticed my dog Teddy was not himself. You can just sense these things. I put these glorious hands on him and discovered… a TICK!

Be not jealous, ‘tis not as glamorous as it sounds!

So I took what I call my Tick Tweezers (not to be used on chin hairs, I have standards) and with a deft and gentle touch I plucked the tick from Teddy’s poor forehead and put it into its waiting Foil of Doom, which is a small square of a common household item that I created with these hands when I got the Tick Tweezers.

But I did not give up then! I gave Teddy a thorough check-up as all good doctors do and I discovered….another tick! Lucky me, I’d had the foresight to bring TWO Foils of Doom, so I was prepared. And I plucked. And I folded. And Teddy was restored to himself once more. And the two ticks, unless they are Houdinis which I doubt, will never see the light of day or fur again.

Of course I washed these hands afterwards.



On a second note, I don’t care who you are, when you have something from the library and it becomes marred on your watch, your heart sinks. It was with panic and desperation that I was able to release this from my VHS machine. It was with resourcefulness that I used this old key to wind it back up.

It was with Perseverance that I attempted to play it again. And once again it became stuck and panic reared its ugly head once more. We shall not be watching “Apollo 13” this day. But we did get to learn a little Perseverance!

And we saved a dog. Twice. So there’s that.

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One Comment  to  Dr. Ruth, Medicine Woman

  1. Nancy From Food Ave Target Kirkwood. says:

    Ruth, YOU are so wonderful!