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And now! And now! Without further ado, I present to you the book cover debut!

Click to Enlarge (<-This does NOT count as “ado”)





This cover’s gone through a few changes, but nothing major. More bats, more eyeliner (for me, I like a good “cat eye”) more darkness in the back, no mustache on Maxwell…Hmm…maybe the changes weren’t major to ME because I didn’t have to do them! Nina on the other hand…bless her heart, she works hard. We’re so thankful to have her.

Hope you enjoy!

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10 Commentsto Debut!

  1. carmella schultes says:

    Finally! Yeah!

  2. Rosemary Tyler says:

    That is amazing Ruth. Congratulations to you and you illustator. Can’t wait for the book

  3. Dennis Agle says:

    Looks great!

  4. Ruth says:

    Thank you, Dad! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!



  5. Michele Hermansen says:

    Ok, so this looks like a chapter book. I thought it was a Golden Book on steroids, with a good story and lots of pictures. What’s the story, Miss Authoress?

    • Ruth says:

      Nope! Not a Golden Book! There are thirty-seven, I said 37! chapters in all, each with an illustration or two and sometimes three, and I hope that it entertains young and old alike.

      Time will tell! And soon, Miss Michele. And SOON.

  6. Jennifer Trenary says:

    I love the cover! It makes me smile that you are wearing your brightly colored, striped scarf. 🙂
    I CANNOT WAIT to read the first chapter!!

    • Ruth says:

      In the first version of the book (before Hazel), there’s a whole story about that scarf. It didn’t make the cut, but it’s still there in the background!

      Thank you, Jennifer!