Concentrate(D)! And a P.S…

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boots1To those Iowans – and indeed, any inhabitant of a very small town (especially in the Midwest) – let me explain. The first few pages of Chapter 9’s A Wave and a Whisper are an exaggerated and “concentrated” version of my first days here, and were written with love. Except for the Marlene part. She’s a real piece of work.

boots3Next week! Little did I know when I wrote 36 chapters how clever I was being! 36! A wondrous number! It can be divided by three, AND it can be divided by four! SO! Nine chapters have been released so far, and for those of you who are reading these chapters spread a week apart each, I know how confusing it can be. Because there are several stories and characters that are s-l-0-w-l-y being woven together. What happened in the previous chapter again?

boots2But my clever brother Dennis will put the first section of nine chapters (plus the Prologue) aaaallll together, so that everything can be read at once. Aaaaa-HAH! Because nine goes into 36 four times, there’ll be four sections altogether. This will be the FIRST.

So next week will probably be a good time to put together that contest, so if anyone new HAPPENS to wander over to, they can get up to date on the chapters released so far – if they’re so inclined (I hope! I hope!).

Ooh! And lucky me, it’s the 36 divided by three part: I only sketched up through chapter 12, so now it’s time for me to get sketching again. Now, where did I put those crayons? I can feel Nina quaking in her boots halfway across the planet! Maybe not…

Tomorrow: About Chapter 9

P.S. I forgot to say that Chapter 8 briefly mentions the fact that the mayor of Reliance also happens to be Marlene’s mechanic, hence giving her the power to get the house closing done quickly. It is based on our own beloved former mayor, who happens to be MY mechanic and one of the finest men I know. I rub elbows with royalty here!


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4 Commentsto Concentrate(D)! And a P.S…

  1. Mama Jane says:

    Your elbows are pretty nice also!

  2. Dennis Agle says:

    I love the friendly wave, we should do it here in California as well. It helps remind us we are in this together. Look forward to seeing the chapters done so far but as one.
    Great column!

    • Ruth says:

      I love the friendly wave too. But here a wave’s so commonplace, it’s almost like a necessary task. Today I was out walking. Wave! But some people don’t even look at you! Still, it’s friendly all the same. Let’s you know you exist and are seen…Wouldn’t trade it for anything.