Chapter 3: Nina vs. GOLIATH

Just kidding! Clearly Nina’s Goliath in THIS scenario!

When picking what to use for illustrations, I like to go with the less obvious; the passing sentence here or there. I have always been fascinated with movies depicting orphanages in olde England. Scenes from “Oliver Twist” and my favorite book (made into umpteen movies) “Jane Eyre,” when she’s sent to live at Lowood school by her evil aunt. While I’m sure in real life it was no fun, to me it was romantic (not that I ever wanted to go there myself, Mom and Dad! Well, maybe just for a VISIT. But that’s IT).

So I had to slip some gruel into my book. I have no idea what “gruel” actually is, but whenever my mom would feed us oatmeal for breakfast, to me that was gruel, and I DID visit Lowood! A poor orphan eating lumpy mush! I love oatmeal to this day.

Here’s my sketch:


As you can see, when I drew this it was for Chapter 2 rather than 3. A Smith and Jones chapter was added in the meantime.

Here’s Nina’s:

H_T_07Excellent as always!

The next drawing:


And Nina’s:


Does she never tire of perfection? HMPF.

And finally, the last drawing for Chapter 3:


When I first saw Nina’s version, it took my breath away:


Her colors are so vibrant. Bet she likes oatmeal, too. I understand that the originals, which my brothers possess (from the first book version at least) are unbelievably amazing. I’ll say it again: Viva La Nina!

AND! Happy Friday!


5 Commentsto Chapter 3: Nina vs. GOLIATH

  1. As you say the illustrations are breathtaking but the one in the orphanage has a special feeling – the child eating gruel looks so sad – so hevy eyed. Many congratulations to Nina

  2. Dennis Agle says:

    You provide the original idea and Nina brings your idea to vivid colors, a great collation.

  3. Dennis Agle says:

    I never said I could spell. I didn’t mean collation, I meant collaboration.