Cat Lady of Reliance

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‘Tis a fine line between being a Person With Pets and becoming The Cat Lady of Reliance, which is why I always limit myself to two cats, no matter WHAT the temptation! But even with such limits, it’s important to take care of one’s own.

The following is a Cat Tale:

This morning as I was minding my own business I heard the ominous sounds of two cats readying for battle and I knew my own sweet Elsie was outside. No! Not on my watch! I immediately ran out of the house this morning sans shoes to rescue her, and I fell down my jagged cement front stairs!

Funny how fast thoughts can flash through your mind in an instant. As I was flying I thought, “Well, that was stupid!” and “This is going to hurt” and “I hope no one is watching” and “I should have worn a cape,” but I must have blocked out what actually happened because I don’t recall.  Perhaps I’m getting too old to be a Superhero to a cat – Nah – NEVER!


How will I shave my legs? A river of scabs surrounded by a forest of stubble trees! It’s amazing that SOME man hasn’t snatched me up by now…

No more shorts for me this summer! I have a six inch long 1″+ inch wide scrape plus two bloody toes on my right leg that was spectacularly bruising by the time I looked at it moments later, and a bloody left knee and scrape on my lower left shin. I say if you’re going to take a header, TAKE IT!! I’m crying inside a little bit. I don’t think anyone saw me because it’s early on a Saturday morning and I laid for quite some time completely unable to move, even with my cat in peril, and no one came out.


Hey! My eyes are up HERE!

Julie’s Scott was joking that they should get me one of those Life Alert necklaces so that next time it happens I can press the button and say, “Help!  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” I of course smacked him with my cane.


Note the grass and dirt still on my toes. Purty!

I finally got up and “ran” (tottered) to the backyard to save Elsie, which I somehow managed to do.  I have spared you!

I’m sure she was grateful.


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6 Commentsto Cat Lady of Reliance

  1. Dennis Agle, Sr. says:

    Wow, I know that hurt a lot and only you could make a great story and make so light of what could have been even more serious! So don’t be so noble, let caution be your watchword from now on. This is advise from someone who loves you a lot. So accept it and follow it please!
    Love, Dad

  2. Jenn(ifer) Trenary says:

    Oh Ruth! You are a blessing! I am literally laughing out loud at this post and some of the others as well. You are an amazing writer and I simply cannot wait for more great things from you.

  3. Ruth I am so impressed with your writing and very excited about where this journey is going to take you! I just hope it doesn’t take you away from Rolfe. Rolfe needs people like you here!

    • Ruth says:

      Nope! NEVAH! I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: This here home is my COFFIN! MWAHAHAHA!!!

      Looking forward to working with you, Carmella!


      P.S. Need to learn to use fewer exclamation points(!).