Carpetbagger Bump In The Road

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That’s the “Carpetbagger” fabric on the left. It kind of looks like Mary Poppins magical bag, doesn’t it? The fabric on the right is for the robes. I love black and white, and I love swirls! Swirls for my girls!

Yesterday I went to Dodge. FORT Dodge, Iowa, that is. It was so much fun! The weather was sunny and bright and there was a toasty high of 1 degrees (windchill -5), but if you only looked at the sky, you could pretend it was summer!

I mainly went to go to Hobby Lobby to get fabrics for my dolls. We need sturdy and soft bags to transport them between minions. And we need robes to keep them decent while they’re being worked upon. Modesty counts!

Anyway, I found GLORIOUS fabric on CLEARANCE, no less! I purchased it, tickled pink and practically giddy.

Turns out, I love fabric almost as much as I love dolls. In our recent inventory taking, my mother and I discovered I have hundreds of yards of the stuff. HUNDREDS! If you fold it really flat and squeeze it *neatly* onto shelves super tight, it’s hard to tell. And I always want MORE, but I could hear my mother’s voice in my head: “You do NOT need any more fabric!”

She’s right, you know. Aren’t mothers always?

But THIS. This was a new necessary, these bags and these robes. I paid for my fix and practically danced out the store door. The cold wind didn’t bother me, not one bit! It was Christmas in March! Tra-la-lah! La-lah! As I walked, I did my usual hunting for my keys. Confidently reaching into my pockets, thinking of Columbo as I always do…



*This is not actually me. But that’s how I looked. Except Older. And COLDER.

So CLOSE. And yet so far away. There’s not a more helpless feeling in the world. Your mind scrambles! I considered walking back into the store and yelling, “Does anybody know how to break into a car?!” Because THAT. That key right there in plain view was the only key to this here car. There IS no spare.


Here it is, safely home in my comfy chair in my sewing room.

I’m one of the last people not to have a cell phone. Everybody else does, hence the lack of pay phones. I was freezing. The fabric was growing heavy. Carpetbagger fabric is NOT a light thing. In a nutshell, I’d begun to despair.

However! In the end, things worked out well. A kindly clerk at the next door Hy-Vee grocery store let me use the phone there. They knew exactly who to call, because one of them had done the same thing two weeks earlier. With the car engine running!

After I said my goodbyes and walked across the parking lot, the locksmith  was already there! While Fort Dodge is plenty bigger than Rolfe, it’s still relatively small.

The locksmith was friendly, and the cost was $35. Granted, I would have rather spent that money on *!MORE FABRIC!* But as bumps go, this one was mild. Keys firmly in hand, I put my future robes and transport bags safely in my car with one last pat before heading to my next destination.

Tra-la-lah! La-lah!

Tonight, at midnight! Chapter 28 Pinky’s Story.

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2 Commentsto Carpetbagger Bump In The Road

  1. Jane Agle says:

    I’ll bet you were exhausted by the time you got home. Your first drive by yourself in weeks, if not months, Hobby Lobby and then HYVee plus hauling in the groceries, I’m sure you didn’t need that hiccup. Still, you made it a memorable experience!
    I hope you are feeling okay today.

    • Ruth says:

      Mama Mia!

      Julie had told me that driving took stomach muscles. I didn’t believe her, but she was right! When I got to Fort Dodge, my stomach was sore.

      Plus I seemed to only buy heavy things: bird seed, cat litter, diet Coke, the FABRIC (I bought seven yards of each. It was HEAVY. I left my bag at Hobby Lobby when I went in search of a phone).

      Once home, I made plenty of trips back and forth carrying stuff into my house because no WAY was I going to have another hernia! Nothing much over 30 lbs. at a time.

      I am SO RELIEVED the “bump” was just locking the keys in the car, because it could have been so much worse. It was a little bit hard to get back into the driving “saddle” again and I was a teensy bit worried. You know how I am. But I did it! With just one little hiccup…

      LOVE YOU!