Calling All Sewers!

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Cute little 13″ Shirley Temple. I currently have 4 more of these little darlings, just WAITING…

…and Shiners of Shoes!

I must confess. All weekend long as I thought of this post, I would chortle to myself as I repeated the title in my head: “SEWERS.” Get it? See, the proper term is “Seamstress,” but I like to refer to myself as a “Sewer” – which is quite different when spoken as opposed to seeing the word in print. *Snicker* (It takes so little…)

Sew! (see what I did there? Okay, if you said that out loud, it would sound like “So!” Ah, the English language. ‘Tis a tricky, amusing thing. But I digress.) HERE’S WHAT I NEED: People who live locally who can sew and own a sewing machine who would like to make a little extra money from their own home!


I found some polka-dot red material for this highly recognizable dress of hers, the most common dress the doll comes in – although I usually design something unique.

My brothers have set a goal for me that I cannot accomplish all by my lonesome. Dolls! Lots of them! We’ll start off small. I shall provide the patterns and fabric and snaps, etc. There are never any zippers involved, and rarely any buttonholes (unless you’re feeling brave, which I rarely am), just good old fashioned sewing.

ALSO! The “Shiners of Shoes!” part: These sweet old composition dolls rarely arrive at my doorstep clean. I can only guess (until they tell me, of course) WHERE they have been all this time. If you can shine a shoe, you can clean a doll! It is very satisfying and easy to do. I shall provide the materials needed (although if you have old t-shirt rags, that would help too).


The coat, hat and mittens were from an obscure photo I saw of Shirley. I’d never seen a doll with this outfit, so I made my own.

There are other little tasks as well, like wig washing and rag curl setting and onesie making…

This thing shall develop as it goes. I’ll teach you everything you need to know – and we’ll also learn together how this will work. But think on it! You would get to come to the Hideaway (just for the showing part. After that you could work from your home)! YOU could be part of the MAGIC (and to me, it IS).

Interested? Curious? Needing something to do in these chilly winter days and nights? Or know anyone who might? Contact me via email:

Thank you!


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