Blessed To Receive

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1wafhalfAt first I said no. Of course I did! Nothing breaks my heart more than to look on ebay and see a Shirley Temple wig for sale all by itself. This wouldn’t be a bad thing, if the doll it originally belonged to were beyond repair. But it stabs my heart more than a little to then see a freshly bald little Shirley, for sale by the same seller.

“CANNIBAL!” I will rage.

1wafride4Granted, this was no wig that was being offered up. But it was a dress! A very special dress. I have two Shirley Temples at my house right now. The one that’s currently up for adoption, and another that still had her original dress. When Shirley Temple 2 saw the troubles I was having with Shirley Temple 1, she offered her dress. Just like that. And her onesie, too.


Here’s the too-big dress she arrived in.

“No!” Shirley 1 and I immediately responded. But I think Shirley 2 saw the brief expression of surprised relief and hope on my face. I had been feeling super badly that Shirley 1 wasn’t getting the launch she deserved. In that split second before “No!” crossed my lips, it occurred to me that this would help even things out for her.


Here’s the iconic original Shirley Temple dress.

So, did I mention this girl now has an original dress?

At first Shirley 1 didn’t even want to put it on. Then she saw that her reluctance was making Shirley 2 feel badly. Now she wears the dress with joy! Sometimes the best gift of all is receiving a gift with gratitude…

Thus begins the description for #61 Shirley Temple as a Woodland Fairy and Holly Bear. She ends tomorrow! And I just barely finished her TODAY. You can see her adoption page HERE.

stcdIn addition to her red polka-dot dress so willingly gifted, Shirley comes dressed as a Woodland Fairy, featuring little pine cones I gathered from a friend’s Mom’s house.

stsmockThe bodice of Shirley’s fairy dress has an interesting tale.

From the description: The cream colored silky bodice of the dress was made with fabric from a beautiful, lovingly made and entirely hand-sewn Christening dress. Not only was the baby dress hand sewn, it had French seams! Twice the work! And gorgeous 1wafallsmocking. Alas, the dress was moth-eaten and foxed, but there are still usable parts to it, and I think the love infused into that original gown will seep into all the subsequent dresses that I make from it.

And now, onto the next O.L.D.! Victoria and Parson were adopted by Michelle E. of Colorado! Thank you, Michelle!

And with that, I leave you! Merry Christmas, you’re my favorite.

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2 Commentsto Blessed To Receive

  1. Sue Ann says:

    Greetings Ruth! One can never have too many Shirley’s is my theory & I have several! One OLD compo 22 inch from a dear friend (was hers as a child); one from my childhood vinyl 14 , 2 more vinyl one with glancing eyes, & 4 Danbury mint porcelain Shirleys. I am bidding on this one too! Wish me luck! Great job Ruth, love the fairy wings & the whole thing! You are truly my favorite! I’m reading the book (for my niece) before I mail it & I’m LOVING it & savoring each page! Love the art graphics too! Hugs, Sue Ann

    • Ruth says:

      ‘Morning, Sue Ann!

      I completely agree about never having too many Shirley’s! I miss each one as they leave. Best of luck, hope you win her!

      SO GLAD you’re enjoying the book! Each time I sign one, I can’t believe it’s finally DONE. ‘Cept for a couple of typos, and one tiny little logistical change…

      Merry Christmas!