Before the Parade Passes By…

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Finally! The outpatient surgery that actually was!

paradeBecause I got home that very day that I went in. Excellent! And I wasn’t feeling bad at all. I went about my business, careful, yes, but quite delighted with myself. For it seemed I had finally cracked the code of surgery and recovery. Third time’s the charm.

Then the good hospital drugs wore off.

Oh. I see. NOT a super human! And I was reminded that in the past when I’ve gotten home from a surgery, it was after a near week of hospital bed rest with occasional very slow strolls down halls.

It was then I decided to do something I wouldn’t normally have time to do. Sit in bed and Sort Buttons and occasionally slowly stroll the halls of my own house. I’ll bet you can feel the excitement from there!

In the meantime, my new friend Lois S., who has adopted two of our girls so far sent me pictures of those two girls – Sunny Joy and Faith – with the perfect segue settings for me to introduce Betty Bell’s adoption page!

First, the photos:


The first is with just Faith herself. Love those charming old flags and the blue sponge ware dishes! In the second photo, little Sunny joins in. I was surprised to see Sunny in her green outfit, the one I’d abandoned, but Lois likes it!

I’d forgotten that in an effort to salvage the all-green outfit, I’d made this second hat with a contrasting brim and orange silk ribbon flower. If I’d remembered – and I didn’t, until I got ready to pack Sunny’s things and send her off – I may not have made the second outfit, because I thought she looked cute too.

And now, joining in the parade, Betty Bell!











It’s uncanny. She fits right in! As promised, she was put up for adoption on Sunday. You can view her page HERE.

As we here in Reliance get soaked to the bone with rains and thunder and pick up branches and fallen trees, take a gander! And have a most excellent day.


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