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What Happened to Ruth?

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[This is a post from Ruth’s brother, Dennis, who received a message about Ruth and wanted to pass along what it said.]

signedtheelvesWe have received a message written in tiny letters cut out of what appear to be elf magazines. (Also, we noticed a number of cookie crumbs in the folds, which confirms our hunch that the letter is authentic.)

The letter said that Ruth has been kidnapped, and that we are not to be alarmed, because it is apparently not a ransom kind of kidnapping — it is a benevolent kind of kidnapping, as far as kidnappings go.

It’s just that elves, who apparently like to work in secret, eventually at some point in the process want your full attention to check out their work.

In this case, they’ve been working on the Hazel Twigg website for weeks and it is almost ready. Finishing touches are being applied, and they promise to release Ruth once the end is in sight.

Until then, except for website checks, they’re forcing Ruth to keep off the internet, which they say is making her a little shaky, but on the other hand, they point out that they have made available to Ruth an unlimited supply of baked goods, which helps.

The letter concludes by saying more info will be coming later and to not contact the authorities, or they will cut off Ruth’s supply of fudge-striped cookies.

As soon as we hear more, we will pass it along…

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Lost Dolls: Eager Elsie

Each Thursday (or thereabouts) I’ll be featuring another doll or two. These are the Lost Dolls, dolls that come through my house to be gently restored and redressed so that they can go where they are needed most and where they will be loved again. While I work on them, they tell me their stories of where they’ve been. Of course, I only have their word for it. But would a doll lie?


Meet Elsie

“Eager Elsie,” we called her for short. “Eager, excited, can’t-wait-for-my-new-life Elsie,” when all is said and done.

Bless her heart, she was hidden away for so long that when her chance came for a new life, she was in such a hurry to get here that she kicked herself in the head! Right by her eye, to be exact!

As you might be able to guess, she’s an earlier composition doll – noted by her tin eyes and human hair wig – so in her defense it had been a very long time that she’d been without companionship, hidden away in the closet of a house that was closed up for years and years. When dolls are tucked away, they go dormant, so I wouldn’t feel TOO badly for her. But I can certainly understand her eagerness to be loved again.

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